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Short story about two amicable characters that you will love.

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One Cold Night

One cold winter’s night an amiable character named Jonrge was sitting above the moss of a solitary rock. Engrossed and with a void stare, all those who see him from afar are moved by his aspect. The moist and awkward surface of the rock did not make, nevertheless, that the sad Jonrge would get out of it.

Alone and disappointed, Jonrge didn’t know how to get away his sadness. But a tot called Rinpa, who had a long trunk and rolled up eyes, couldn’t bear the emotional stinging of seeing that fellow so distressed and withdrawn. Then, Rinpa approached him with leisurely pace and with the intention of chasing away his sorrows and bringing him back the heat of friendship.

As he approached, Rinpa saw the black and white Jonrge’s back. He also saw his round and small silhouette, and talked to him.

-Hey! What do you do so alone? What’s your name? -Rinpa said at loud while he approached step by step.

However, Jonrge didn’t turn his head around. He stood still above the dark starless sky. Rinpa was beholding his side face with uneasiness. Despite all, he was still a stranger!

At the start, Rinpa thought the stranger had big eyes, but then he watched that those weren’t eyes, they were huge black spots. His true eyes were in the middle of those spots and had an ochre color, nevertheless they transmitted bitterness and grief.

-I am Rinpa… That’s how they call me. You know… that’s my name! –And Rinpa clear his throat because there was no answer.

With those black rounded ears, his ovoid-shape head alike as his body, the sullen Jonrge had an enormous charm but it didn’t look well that all of that endearment could be down in the mouth.

Then Rinpa sat down beside him, but immediately he jumped up when he felt the moisture and the roughness of the rock. Though he encouraged himself and tried to sit down carefully, he couldn’t avoid to shiver a little.

-Is it because of a girl? –Finally, Rinpa dared to ask

Yet, Jonrge’s lips did not emit anything, although his eyes turned a very angry look.

-Well, we’ve all had a broken heart al least once in our lives –Rinpa said again.

Jonrge finally said.

-It’s not for love.

-Oh! Might be for one failure?

Jonrge denied with his adorable head.

-Someone attacked you? Did you fall down? Or…er –Rinpa inquired with eagerness.

-Not at all.

-Someone died? –Rinpa asked very carefully at last.


-Then? What’s it that makes you feel so blue?

The picturesque Jonrge took a deep breath, his eyes showed tiredness and they seemed extinguished when he revealed:

-I’m just not enjoying life.

Rinpa worried too much about after he listened that. It almost felt ashamed.

-B-b-but… -Rinpa did not know what to do, he didn’t be prepared for something like that.

Lastly, Jonrge rose from this painful and uncomfortable rock and said directly to Rinpa.

-My name is Jonrge. Thank you so much for listened to me!

Rinpa was startled, suddenly he thought Jonrge would do something bad, and hastily said.

-Where do you go, Jonrge?

-I only need some time to be on my own. You know! Someday I was happy, and other times I’ve already felt mournful before. Time brought to me both of these things, and I’m pretty sure that it will continue doing that. There’s no drama in such things! –Jonrge said.

A smile was drawn in Rinpa’s face. Jonrge baid him farewell and he went through the prevailing darkness, carrying away his own sadness, but full of joy… At least it seemed to be that way for Rinpa.

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To be continued...

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Allie Waters Allie Waters
I loved it! Well written story! It was easy to read and understand the hidden context.
June 05, 2018, 13:37

  • Blek Ulv Blek Ulv
    Allie, your comment makes me smile. I sincerely appreciate it, thanks! June 10, 2018, 23:18