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This Is The Beginning Of The Elite Saga. Will The Team Elite Be Able To Stop The Wolfman? Find Out In This Amazing Superhero Sci - fi Book!

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The Boy That Turned-

It All Began When George A Normal High School Kid That Lived Alone Was Abducted By Aliens And They Had Been Experimenting On George. As The Result George Had Been Acting Strange. He Had Grew Hair All Over His Body, Sharp Claws, Drooling Mouth.

HE HAD TURNED INTO A WOLF! As Soon As He Realised How Non-Human He Looked He Jumped Out Of The Window And Ran Towards The Woods. He Spent The Night In The Woods And Then He Tried To Go Back To His Original Form But To No Success. He Tried And Eventually Mastered His Powers Then He Tried And Successfully Turned Back. Now He Could Voluntarily Switch Between His Form's. The Next Day He Went To His School And When A Fellow Mate Made Fun Of Him For Being Alone. He Was Enraged! He Turned And Snapped The Neck Of The Child. Everybody Got Shook! Somebody Called 911 And The Police Came But To Their Suprise The Police Was No Match For The Wolfman. This Is OPD! We Need Military Support Near Orion High! Shouted The Police Captain But The Wolfman Was Not Ready To Leave.

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