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Lidy is a low-ranking, rebellious, and deformed Succubus; Jack, on his part, is an amoral and exploiting human garbage. Now they are binded to each other, how did they end up tied? That is not so important, the important issue here is how they are going to separate before heaven or hell overtake them... Learn about their journey in this comedy.

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The lifes of the succubus and the hustler

With that viscous and disgusting sound there was new life, a cluster of aberrations were born, that grotesque and unnatural process happened again.

Inside that spacious and damp room, awash with a foul smell of sulfur and hot air, two beings witnessed this atrocity, these homunculi, as they spoke on the subject.

- "I hate that noise"

A mature man, in his early 50s, complained.

This "man" was stocky and tall; his horns, which sprouted from his temples, turned abruptly upwards, similar to those of a bull. His grayish red and slightly wrinkled skin next to his silver hair and beard did not hide his age, a full-fledged mature man, even his slanted wings were beginning to show that his best years had already passed. Despite this, he was a man feared by anyone who knew at least a little bit about the hell.

- "You only hear it once every century, hold on"

Said the woman who accompanied him, she, with an equally grayish red skin, had a voluptuous and curvilinear body, large and strong wings, curved horns and a long and silky black hair that fell placidly to the height of her hips, for many, a perfect woman. Her dress matched her appearance, a long red dress with slits in various parts of the body, showing the cleavage and navel. On her head was a crown, complementing her perfect appearance.

- "Anyway... The birth process is over... Can I go now?"

That man shouted, each word weighed more than the last, crawling and showing the reality of the feeling of that old demon: all that day was monotonous; nothing that he hadn't experienced in previous supervisions. At least until he saw that hideous creature, out of hell... literally.

- "What the fuck is that?!"

He roared possessed by disgust, his entire body shuddering at such a sight.

- "Aaaaah yes... It's the... Fourteenth Cambion of this batch, apparently something went wrong and she was born with a... slight deformation"

The woman explained with a giggle that unsuccessfully tried to hide a deep fear at the reaction of her boss.

This baby-like creature, the center of conversation, was whimpering in the slimy pool of its own amniotic fluid, flapping its arms weakly, as if it wanted, to the horror of the man in the room, to show offher newfound vitality.

- "Yes... As you can see... her horns are kinda big... and-"

The woman wandered, her gaze bouncing around the room, avoiding the girl and her boss.

- "It has no wings"

The man demanded, interrupting the woman while gazing into her eyes, attentive to any slightest reaction; this look penetrated the soul of the woman, who succumbed to the pressure of her boss.

- "Yes, I know"

She squealed, submitting to her boss.

- "A succubus without wings is useless! Get rid of that shit!"

The man shouted in fury, one could swear that hell trembled as a result of the noise.

- "Easy... easy... It seems that you come from the department of Wrath... Getting rid of her is... Non profitable... Yes, as a succubus she doesn't work, but think about it, what if we raise her to do the jobs that others don't want to do? We have to take advantage of the girl"

The woman proposed, holding that exaggerated and feigned smile that she had adapted as a defense. However, the dread that forced her to speak with a trembling voice made someone who is one of the most prominent figures in hell sound ridiculous.

- "There has never been a single defective Cambion! What the hell happened this time?!..."

- "Hmmm... Maybe it was the male donor, but we always make sure they are..."

Said the woman, but the man, imposing himself on her, interruping her speech.

- "I know what the male donation test is, I'm not interested in hearing it, you know what?... I don't care about all this, if you think you can use that garbage, do it. Just... don't let that other departments finds out, what a fucking shame"

The man said in frustration, then walked to the door, his stomping were big and heavy.

The man, reaching the threshold of the door, turned and announced before leaving:

- "Abrahel... Kill that... Thing... It's the best option. Status, prestige, efficiency... The stakes are high for that deformed Cambion... If something bad happens... I'll make sure that that monster disappears and that all the consequences go to you"

That phrase, spoken with apparent calm, was a great and obvious threat.

- "Yes, Asmodeus!"

Abrahel said with a squeak as she repeatedly nodded. After that, Asmodeus, the Demon King of Lust, left the room.

It was only until she was ascertained that Asmodeus had left the scene that Abrahel dropped to the ground with a cry.

- "AAAARGH..."

Despair? Frustration? Pressure? Anger? A bit of everything. Abrahel screamed, venting everything she felt. Later, only after feeling the peace slowly return to her body is that she turned to see at that Wingless Cambion, she had already stopped crying, she was asleep.

- "Damn it... Why did you have to be born deformed? What the fuck am I going to do now!?"

Abrahel whimpered, her job as queen of the succubi was not easy, but she could not risk losing it. Not knowing what to do, Abrahel remained inside that room for several minutes, thinking about what to do with her.

Thought that will last for a long time...

- "Lidy ... Lidy! ... LIDY!"

Shouted Abrahel, following that routine that has been repeated for years, in this case, Lidy was on a chair supported only by its hind legs in perfect balance, Lidy was completely asleep.

Abrahel witnessed this no longer with anger, but with boredom.

Lidy woke up stupidly shaking her arms and falling to the floor, smashing the chair.

- "Ou, ou, ou, ou ... It hurts..."

Lidy looked like a normal adult succubus, with two major exceptions: her horns, huge and bulging; and her nonexistent wings. But that aside, her short reddish hair, grayish skin, short stature, small chest, and prominent hips were common among young and low-ranking succubi, characteristics you could find in any of her sisters.

- "Why are you like this!? Always! You ALWAYS fall asleep! You have ONE job, damn it..."

Abrahel yelled, her voice was tearing by the frustration of dealing with a ballast like Lidy.

That deformed Cambion of so many years ago, already grown and turned into a Succubus, was her biggest headache, which, far from seeming a simple and banal curiosity, was a tremendous dishonorable merit, because few in hell have the titanic patience that Abrahel has, but everything has a limit, and hers in this case was obviously Lidibeth, whom everyone called Lidy.

- "I was sleepy"

Lidy explained with an idiotic smile on her face.

- "You're a..."

Abrahel growled, gritting her teeth angrily, but she managed to control herself by taking a sip from the glass of wine she carried with her, an act that she had already done habit when she visited Lidy.

- "But don't get so mad, look, do you see those jars? They still have reserves! I already managed to prevent them from becoming smegma! Do I deserve a promotion or what?"

Lidy spat, nudging Abrahel with her elbow.

Abrahel's weary expression didn't change at all when she pushed Lidy away from her.

- "Now you have only shown that you can do the minimum to deserve the job you already have... It only took you 10 years... I congratulate you"

- "Thank you! If I have always said that I am an important piece in hell, without me and my organizational skills the department of Lust would be a chaos. I am the most important piece of this gear!"

Lidy affirmed with much joy and presumption.

- "You...?"

Said the queen of the succubi trying not to laugh as she took another sip of the wine.

- "Exactly, now I want to go get something to eat"

Lidy smiled and marched happily to the door.

- "No, if you need energy, there you have the reserve containers, you have your own"

Abraham stopped Lidy by holding her by the arm and throwing her into the warehouse again.

- "Yes, but it tastes like cum"

Lidy complained as she got up off the ground.

- "It IS cum, do you have a problem with that? A succubus complaining about the taste of cum... It's laughable"

But she wasn't laughing, Lidy was starting to upsetting her... Again. Abrahel found herself stomping her foot nervously in a vain attempt to control herself... Again.

Succubi are usually submissive girls willing to obey any request that comes out of Abrahel's mouth, but Lidy was not, no matter how it looked, Lidy was a failure as a succubus, which always upset her mother.

- "Well no... But I'm fed up, won't you let me go out for a little while? I just go and come to the department of Gluttony to eat something. Anyway, I could even see one of those fatties you like to sleep with"

Lidy proposed. Trying to upset Abrahel.

Abrahel stared at her.

- "... Well... Get off, You're covering the door"

Lidy said. Such disrespect for a demon with the rank of Abrahel could be severely punished, but she resisted the anger by squeezing the cup she was carrying.

- "Are you shaking? Is it some kind of Parkinson's? You're worryng me... You're kinda an oldbag, after all. Rest a while..."

The succubus insisted with her maddeningly pretentious voice. Lidy's greatest "virtue" was that she knew which strings to pull to annoy Abrahel.

But abrahel, nevertheless, resisted the temptation.

- "Hey, now that I see you closely... Aren't you fatter?"

Until Lidy messed with her body...

- "Shut up and stay here!"

Abrahel yelled, the violence with which she acted at that moment was such that she smashed the wine glass by making a fist.

- "You already broke another glass... At least this time you didn't throw it at me"

Lidy said looking at the broken glass next to the pool of wine that was slowly mixing with Abrahel's blood, who began to growl, literally.

- "Alcohol is very easy for you, don't you think?"

The queen stared at Lidy, gritted her teeth and contained her anger... Runaway with Lidy was useless, even with that way she didn't learn, that's why Abrahel stopped everyone when they were going to hit her, no one should stoop to doing useless acts.

- "I'm going to get a rag to help you clean up your mess!, drunky!"

Lidy exclaimed, looking again to get out of the department of lust.

Abrahel began to breathe deeply, trying to calm herself, she was shaking just by trying to contain his pain and anger.

- "You're not going out... Shut up... Just stay here and don't disturb your siblings"

Abrahel growled, spacing the words from with a long inhalation and then a continuous exhalation.

- "Okay Mom..."

Lidy said, instinctively imitating her siblings when they were scolded; she began to panic when she saw that Abrahel, making a fist that trembled with tension, was digging his long nails into the palm of her hand, bleeding even more.

- "I already told you that you have no right to call me that"

She exclaimed and left the warehouse, leaving a trail of blood.

Lidy was left alone in the warehouse, as always, in her solitude, she began to speak alone... as always.

- "You bastard bitch... As if I wanted to tell you mom..."

Lidy looked at her work environment which was in turn her kitchen, dining room and bedroom, after noticing the total lack of any means of entertainment Lidy lifted the chair and tried to fix it, but she could not, so she sat down on the floor.

- "Because of that bossy bitch my chair broke... IT COST ME 3 RESERVE BOTTLES!!!, AAARGH!"

She screamed, kicking the remains of the poor chair. She took the broken leg of that chair and hit various things. She was like that for a few seconds until she got tired.

Sitting on the floor, Lidy was muttering to herself...

- "She thinks she's so perfect... Huh huh huh, I'm the queen, huh huh, I'm busty and you are not, huh huh huh, I don't drink reserve cum... Fucking busty bitch"

Lidy said, highlighting these aspects of Abrahel led her to notice her own body.

- "She may be busty, but at least I'm not a fat old woman"

After feeling fulfilled with an imaginary competition created from lies about Abrahel, Lidy returned to the main subject of her complaints.

- "... Anyway, Abrahel is a parasite, what is she doing here?!, Nothing!, She just keeps getting any cock that crosses while they pay her to criticize!, fucking nepotism"

Lidy complained loudly, as it was more than obvious, she did not love Abrahel, she hated her, she hated her so much, she wanted something to happen so that Abrahel would die anyway. She even wished that heaven would invade their apartment just to see Abrahel receive divine punishment, although this could end her life, that did not matter, Abrahel deserved such hatred and more.

Lidy, however, obeyed her boss's orders and stood still in the warehouse, noticing such an involuntary act of submission she shook her head and patted her face.

- "So I can't get out of here? Well, I'm going to get out of here! Fuck you Abrahel!"

She said, and with an energetic leap she freed her body from submission and her habits and charged it with the rebellion and courage that she had repressed all these years, those feelings prompted her to explore the unknown. then she came out of the warehouse, into hell.

Far, far from there, beyond the hidden existence of hell, in a more mundane environment, life happened with great normality. Choirs of merchants and vendors could be heard all over the place, setting a great, wide and diverse collection of mobile shops and food stalls that decorated that street. With the passage of time, this street was crowded with people; this could only mean one thing: the city's merchant guild was present.

Among them walked a young man of at least 25 years old who, despite wearing the merchant's medal, did not have any stand, only a box. His appearance was similar to that of any guy who thought himself cool in the 80's, with his leather jacket and jeans. He was thin and his hair was pulled back, held in gel.

- "Hey Patty, how are you? how's going the business? I hope that both answers are "Fine". Speaking of business, do you want to go get something to eat? today is especially full of food stalls"

The Young Man asked when he arrived at a fruit and vegetable stall. His empathy and social questions were automatic and empty, devoid of any honesty, pure formalism.

- "Oh hello Jack, I can't right now, the truth is that the stall is not going so well, it seems that watermelons are not very popular this summer..."

Said a girl of about 17 years old, dressed in casual clothes covered by a very simple apron that accentuated her slim and lanky figure, typical of many girls her age.

- "Do you want me to invent something? I could say that they are exported watermelons or some bullshit like that"

Jack proposed to his friend with an unpleasant smile, characteristic of those whose word has a null value or that is even in negative numbers.

- "I don't know... I don't feel comfortable lying... Hey, did you get it?"

Asked Patty, changing the subject, she, obviously, is not adept at the art of lying, an understandable characteristic in an innocent and humble girl like her.

- "Of course, look at this necklace, isn't it wonderful? It won't be Vulgari but it's certainly a jewel ... Or several"

Jack replied, from the box he was carrying revealed a precious diamond necklace.

- "Woooow!, you really get it! I didn't have hopes!"

The girl smiled, gently touching the necklace that Jack was showing off. Patty's eyes were enlivened by the sparkling existence of those stones.

- "For my friend the best, I'm not going to tell you how I got it... I know we agreed to 300, but I'll leave it to you at 200 bucks"

- "Are you sure?"

She asked, Jack nodded. The girl handed Jack a large wad of bills and Jack gave her the box.

- "You will come to my graduation?"

Patty was expectant to Jack's response.

- "Sure, do you think I would get you that necklace just for the money? You have to look pretty, but hey... Today I don't have to work and I don't want to spend more time than necessary on this street..."

But before he could leave the market, Patty spoke.

- "Hey... I think the boss is angry with you, he told me he wants to see you in his office"

- "Eh!? Why!?"

- "I don't know, I didn't tell him anything"

Said the girl.

Jack, with a sigh, left that place and walked towards the boss's office. Thinking about seeing him is not pleasant... An older man, tall and stocky, dressed in a suit and tie, always with his dark glasses on, must feel like some great businessman running the merchant guild, or at least that's what Jack thinks. But be that as it may, Jack had associated that figure with scolding and demands that, despite being justified, were annoying.

Preparing for any uncomfortable situation, Jack pondered what would be the best attitude to take, there were many options, Submit to what the boss says and ask for forgiveness? Try to get defensive? Each option had its pros and cons, things to regret or be proud of, risks and benefits.

- "What's up BossyMan? Everything fine and divine?"

Jack decided on the third option... Cheek...

The man sitting at the back of the room, behind a long table, said in a scathing voice:

- "You're out of the guild"

- "Huh? Why? I always pay the fee!"

Jack said indignantly, apparently he also took the second option.

- "First of all: That is not true, you have not paid for 3 weeks, and second: I know that you ask Patrice for money and that she had to raise her prices to help you..."

Said the boss, although his tone was firm, it was fraught with great regret and disappointment.

- "Oooooh... it was just because of that... It's not because I asked her for money, that was two months ago, now it's because I got her some jewelry, but nothing happens, right? The contract doesn't say we can't do any of that and Patty doesn't mind"

Said Jack, trying to escape the scolding, an action that only made the situation worse.

- "The contract may not say anything, but I'm talking about honor, and you... you are a failure parasite lacking in such a thing as honor"

His boss declared. Jack froze for a few seconds... even if what his boss said is true, he didn't take it well...

- "Oh yeah!? I think you're a nosy old man. why the fuck do you care if I ask Patty for money? She decides if she helps me or not. If you have a problem with that, it's because you are a disgusting moralist!"

Shouted Jack. He hit the table with such force that the boss's coffee mug jumped violently and fell on him.

- "... And that's how I get fired..."

Jack told his roommate. Already in their apartment, a battered room that was considered habitable only because they were able to survive there.

- "We needed the money"

Said his roommate, a man with long black hair, dressed in loose, dark and battered clothes, his skin, however, was pale.

- "Calm down Sam... I got money... And I already got rid of that ugly necklace you gave me"

- "It was a gift for my mother... I asked you to take care of it..."

Sam said with a sigh.

- "That thing cost you 10 bucks, I sold it for 200"

Laugh Jack.

- "200? It was worth it..."

Sam's calm, throaty voice made it difficult to interpret emotions through it, but Jack knew that was happiness.

- "So... We can pay the bills this month and we can even buy ourselves something nice"

Said Jack fanning himself with the money. For someone as vain as him to be able to do that was a distant dream that he had just fulfilled.

- "Eating something that is not microwave would be nice..."

- "Imagine it"

Said Jack, taking his friend by the shoulder and pointing to infinity.

- "Eating in a middle class restaurant, how about meat? When was the last time you had a good cut?"

- "A few months before my parents kicked me out..."

Sam replied in his muffled voice, remembering an easier time where neither of them had to worry about anything other than their tastes and their dreams; But some time ago that Jack and Sam left that stage, now they were just two men trying not to die who felt fulfilled with the idea of ​​having enough money to pay their debts.

- "This money will make life easier for us"

Jack smiled from ear to ear, seeing that money in all its fullness, it was beautiful, so unreal... they were more than 50 dollars!.

- "You are right..."

Sam said and snatched the money from Jack with a deft slap and started counting it.

- "Hey bastard, that's mine"

Jack exclaimed with shock.

- "I'm going to handle it myself, you would spend it on any nonsense..."

- "I promise you that this time I'm not going to spend it... I already learned..."

- "I know you haven't learned... but hey... I'll only give it to you on one condition ..."

- "If you're going to say let's play Ouija, better leave the money, I'm not going to play that stupid thing..."

Said Jack turning around and ignoring Sam's possible proposal.

- "Why don't you want to play?"

Jack, without turning to see Sam and continuing with his daily routine, began looking for the ingredients for a sandwich in his kitchen.

- "Because it's stupid, those things don't exist"

- "Then there is no problem in playing. Once and now, for the experience"

Sam argued.

- "So they told my cousin and he got addicted to Crack"

Jack tried to find an answer to escape commitment, as he does with anything.

- "Yes, but the this doesn't hurt if you use it well, come on, once and now, I get you put in my work and everything"

- "They also told my that to my cousin... And I'm able to get a job wherever I want"

He said and at the same time he finished his sandwich, two loaves with a ham in the middle, only that, there was no room for more.

- "As you say... but with your resume full of failures you will surely do well"

Jack, in an act of intelligence, swallowed his pride and accepted.

- "Once and now, okay? Then you will get me a job"

Jack pointed at Sam sharply as he carried his sandwich without ingredients in his other hand, after that, he entered his bedroom.

Sam laughed triumphantly.

Beautiful marble statues with gilded headdresses adorned that glorious and stimulating corridor, the palaces and castles were rude compared to that place: The hall of heroes of the department of lust, a popular place in hell but which, nevertheless, was presented for the first time before a marveling Lidy who, after wandering through the wide and beautiful corridors of her apartment, felt drawn to that place. For all the other Succubi visiting the hall of heroes would be a routine act, but for her was fascinating, seeing the marble figures that formed beautiful effigies of her species amazed her, hell was beautiful, especially for those who discover it for the first time time. Even the statues of Abrahel were beautiful in Lidy's eyes.

Lidy reached out to touch one, but a crash made her turn.

- "Ha ha ha ha, did you see? The weirdy escaped and discovered the gold"

Chuckled a succubus while pointing at Lidy. She was a low-ranking Succubus, similar to Lidy in several aspects, but of course, with wings.

- "Mom didn't tell you not to go out?"

Asked another, they were starting to group together, in a short time there were almost a dozen of them.

- "Shut up and fuck you"

Lidy replied, after Abrahel, the other thing she hated the most were her brothers.

- "fuck... me? hey, now that I think about it, "Fuck you" is a thing that one have ever done before"

Another succubus shouted in the distance, that made everyone laugh.

- "A virgin succubus is like a pen that does not write, they exist, but they don't fulfill their function, you're useless"

Said another.

- "I am not useless! I am in charge of the organization, my work is unique and demanding, you fuck thanks to me..."

- "Nobody wants your job"

Said a succubus who emerged from the crowd, this one was different from the others: taller, with a more serious and mature countenance, she commanded respect among her fellows, who made the way for her to pass. It was a second-rank succubus, the supervisors of his younger and novice siblings.

- "We fly at night and find prey to harvest, you, on the other hand, order and store the fruit of our work. You don't do that because you want to or because you are special, you do that because you can't keep up with the others, not without wings"

Pointed to the second rank Succubus.

Lidy was silent and saw them with shame and anger, she knew it was true... But...

- "Mom should never have let her live"

Shouted a succubus at the back of the place.

- "Oh yeah? Well, "mom" is a bitch that-"

Lidy was interrupted by a slap from her superior.

- "You have no right to talk about her and less in front of the heroes! conceited deformed... But... you know what? Before you were born and dishonored our department, the Succubi and Incubi took turns to accomplished your shitty job that nobody wanted to do, at least you have to be thanked for freeing my younger siblings from doing that job"

Stated the elder succubus, always looking to Lidy like she's trash, and when she finished speaking she pushed the misshapen as she walked towards her, all the other Succubi followed her, making sure to step on Lidy, marching happily on top of her.

- "If you're still alive, go back to the warehouse, nobody wants you here, Succubus 230-14"

The second rank succubus said before turning a corner.

- "My name is Lidy..."

She coughed, as she tried to get up off the floor, clinging to her little remaining pride. But no one heard her and, like her phrase, her body was completely useless, a large part of her bones, although not broken, had been separated from her joints, Lidy remained on the floor and was silent, perhaps she was dead, it wouldn't be that unlikely, but no, she was still fully conscious.

As the damaged Succubus thought about how to move, she remembered her daily life, they always made fun of her when the others entered the warehouse, but they had never hurt her so... She did not even know what feeling to react with, so Lidy began to laugh.

- "Ha Ha Ha Ha... Damn bitches... Do you think that just because I don't feel my spine I'm going to leave?!"

Showing off the great malleability of the body that demons possess, Lidy rearranged her bones that had been separated by the departure of her sisters.

Thus, Lidy was able to get up, very injured, almost unable to move, but she was standing.

This fact made her rethink going back to the warehouse, there were reserves there, she could feed herself to heal her body, pretend that this did not happen and return to her common life, but no. Lidy was angry, she was full of anger, every atom of her existence boiled with desire for revenge, then she remembered, where she was, the hall of heroes, and what her superior told her...

- "So I can't talk about Abrahel's dog in front of these ass statues?... How easy! We just do this and..."

Lidy exclaimed and with a push the statue of Lamia the seductress shattered thunderously as Lidy grinned like an idiot behind her remains.

- "What happened Mrs. Lamia? Aloqua may help you stand up, there it goes"

Lidy asked in a mocking tone and the effigy of Aloqua the drinker fell to the ground.

- "Hmmm... It seems that it is contagious... Abrahel, filthy bitch, I know you want to help your daughter, but wait a bit, you go to the end"

She spoke alone, one by one the statues crashed to the ground, until only pieces of that beautiful place remained.

Lidy then made her way to her warehouse, victorious after having sullied the legacy of her species. She walked relaxed, although avoiding her brothers, but the consequences of her act would come soon.


Abrahel's voice was heard bouncing through each of the corridors of the apartment, that roar was so powerful that it was possible to notice how Abrahel's throat was torn a little with each vowel.

This noise was enough to wake Lidy, who was sleeping peacefully next to the remains of her chair, which she had not been able to repair.

- "Oh uh"

Lidy deduced what had caused such a reaction.

At that moment the loudspeaker in the warehouse was activated and Abrahel's voice came out of there:

- "Someone destroyed ALL the statues in the hall of heroes... My children, you know that I love you very much... But this is... If anyone has information about the perpetrator I demand that they come before me if they do not want to share their punishment"

- "Maybe I'm in a trouble..."

Lidy felt the despair filling her body with every second of security she lost, it was only a matter of time before her siblings accused her, an execution would be little as punishment for the horrible disappointment of the department, Lidy had to do something urgently.

It was around 3:00 A. M. When Sam, dressed dark robes, woke up Jack. Their apartment was lit only by the dim glow of five candles placed in the shape of a star around a Ouija board.

- "Did I already tell you that this seems silly to me?"

Cried Jack, he was too embarrassed to see Sam like this, he could not even take him seriously, maybe the robes were too much.

Sam ignored his friend's complaiments, then said:

- "What a wonderful night to open a door to the world of the dead and contact the ones who are beyond the threshold of nature, before the light of the pentagram, we prepare to-"

- "Shorten it"

Jack interrupted.

- "... You always ruin the things I like..."

Sam sighed, looking down on his "friend".

They sat at opposite points of the board and Sam spoke for a half hour explaining everything about the Ouija board.

- "Are you clear about the rules?"

Sam questioned.

- "I have to respect the stiff one, not let go of the triangle and you do everything, right?"

The other answered sleepily. Sam, sighing, took this as a valid answer and they started.

Lidy's disappearance and the chaos found in the warehouse raised Abrahel's suspicions, Lidy was the only demon who would resent the heroes of her department. Faced with the offense she made, Lidy was wanted by everyone in the area near the warehouse. Lidy knew this, she saw them looking for her, she was hiding in the ventilation ducts of the apartment. She used the shelves of her warehouse as a ladder and then destroyed them. Lidy had managed to escape.

The Succubus crawled stealthily through the narrow tubes, the smell of sulfur was unbearable, but any torture was small compared to what they would do to destroy the statues.

- "I will have to leave the apartment... I could pretend that I lost my wings in a fight and live in Sheol..."

Lidy was thinking, she was nervous and her brain only thought about avoiding dying, she had to get away, whatever it was.

The voices of her brothers and sisters came and went through the corridors below her, Lidy tried to hear what they said, apparently no one had deduced her hiding place.

She kept crawling for several minutes, maybe hours, then, the voices fell silent, apparently Lidy had succeeded, he must be near the doors of the Lust department. Passing through a grate she poked her head out, saw that gray wasteland, a neutral place between apartments where demons without work and ungodly spirits lived: Sheol.

Lidy jumped out of the vent, noticing the huge red doors to her own apartment behind her. She only had to cross the great bridge that led to the center of hell to find the Sheol Market, a place busy enough never to be found. But he was afraid, under the Sheol was the grave, a place where the most detestable demons banished, perpetrators of acts so grotesque that even the demons considered them monsters, falling there would be worse than death, but death was also a bad thing. So Lidy started to move on. But she heard a voice...

- "... So... Hmm... Let's see, Mr. Spirit, I would like... to know if Mr. Gutiérrez is around... If he is, can you tell him that I'm sorry for accepting his inheritance and then cutting off his daughter...?"

That voice, calm, even sleepy, spoke of nonsense... It was not an Incubus, that way of speaking, those topics, it did not even sound like a demon.

- "Mr. Spirit?"

Lidy thought, a few seconds later the memories came.

She turned desperately searching something, and indeed, she found it: a door to the human world. Created by someone who wanted to contact the souls of the Sheol.

Her plan changed radically.

- "Possess a human... Energy and protection, away from Abrahel and... Completely free"

She said quietly, trying not to be heard. Then Lidy ran to that door.

She put his hand on the knob and...

- "Lidy!"

Shouted Abrahel.

The Queen of succubi was in front of the gate of her apartment, but far enough away from Lidy not to reach her in time.

- "What do you think you're doing? How the hell did you get here!?"

- "I'm going to get out of your fucking department"

- "Do you think it's a good idea? Are you so stupid? What do you want to do? Possess a human and live in his body in perpetuity? You're a stupid girl, you're just going to make heaven exorcise you and come ask why a succubus was released in the human world. Go back to the warehouse, NOW, I don't want troubles with heaven, so I'll let you live in exchange for not crossing that door"

Abrahel said, her command was hiding a small hint of fear, Lidy felt it.

- "I'd rather heaven kill me if they're going to fuck with you"

Lidy answered, turned the knob and crossed the door.

- "You disobedient bitchy girl!"

Abrahel yelled, throwing his crown angrily to the ground when she saw the door disappear.

- "You can't say it like that!, you have to start by asking if there is someone"

- "Okay ... Is there someone there?"

The wind picked up outside the apartment as the pointer slid to "yes." This shocked Jack slightly, but he was relieved to think that it must be Sam.

- "Can you tell us your name?"

Sam asserted, the indicated letters spelled: "Lidibeth"

Jack, perhaps involuntarily, perhaps out of fear, removed one of his hands from the board, the windows exploded, the powerful gale that had formed outside slammed the windows, breaking them and entering the apartment, everything was in darkness and the cold took hold of the place.

A shadow, invisible in such darkness but whose presence was undeniable, sprang from the board and rushed against Jack's chest. The numb limbs, the stopped breathing, the sensation of cold and the great stabbing pain, even if he had not experienced one, Jack was sure that he was having a heart attack, but he was wrong, it was deeper and more intimate, his soul was being violated , a demon was trying to take away his control and steal his body.

Jack could not bear the pain, lost consciousness and threw himself into the ground.

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