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The (UCBOJC) United Congregational Baptist Of Jesus Christ (Church Of Reality)Non - Denominational, Congregationalist Restoration Baptist.

These are the laws of which our forefather gave unto us to follow and to give two heart the things which the prophets of the old and the prophets of the new have said many times.

There will also be Covenants written by the hands of The Seer The Patriarchy Isaiah M Morris.

there will be laws from the Old Testament as well as the New Testament, you will hear laws from the Apocrypha and The Gnostic test.

these principles and laws was given to me from almighty God and it was given to me through the Bible the Apocrypha the Gnostic test all from God Almighty Elohim.

each chapter contains four or more sections. all 50 chapters will have the title of the principal or law.

There will also be scriptures about Praise, Wisdom, and prophecy.

also there will be stories from the Old and New Testament the Apocrypha and the Gnostic scriptures.

and 150 characters from the Holy Bible.

it will contain where they're from who their relatives when that they was here the main events and their life etc.


and The Patriarchy Isaiah M Morris genealogy.

we say these words in the name of our heavenly father and his son Jesus Christ and

the Holy Ghost for they are three in one three in spirit.

there's a part two coming soon.

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To be continued...

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