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Ashlyn Walker

A girl named Mia who was raised in an orphanage turns sixteen. On her sixteenth birthday she starts to develope magic. She gets adopted but this young mean isn't who he seems to be. He takes Mia to ethria a land full of humanoid behind with wings, where she must stop the war and defeat the dark Kingdom to save ethria.

Fantasy Dark Fantasy Not for children under 13.

#fairy #Elv
In progress - New chapter Every 10 days
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Pans clattered to the floor as Mia ran across the kitchen counter,

dodging hands trying to grab her down. Miss Gloria had said she

had a present for her. Birthday presents were expensive and with

as many' kids as there were in the orphanage, most kids had never

gotten one. Mia was one of those kids. As she ran around the

corner she saw a guy coming out of the office his hair bright as

flame. she wondered what someone like him was doing

somewhere like this.

Still, she kept running, so excited to see what her present would

be. As she neared Miss Gloria's office she stopped. A woman was

coming ont of her office, but not just any woman the head of the

Orphanage Mrs. Hethcart. That was weird Mrs. Hethcart never came to this side of the building. All the older kids were here, they

never got adopted so there wasn't a point of anyone but, Mrs.

Gloria being here.

As Mrs. Hethcart walked down the hall, she spotted Mia, but

instead of scowling her for not being in the lunch hall, she smiled.

Mrs. Hethcart never smiled, something was going on. Mia quickly

nodded back to Mrs. Hethcart and moved out of her way, quickly

knocking on Miss Gloria's room twice and slipping inside.

Miss Gloria turned around when she heard Mia enter. She hadan

Excited look on her face that made Mia wonder what was going on

even more. Miss Gloria told Mia to sit down in a red chair near

the dark oak desk. She then asked Mia to close her eyes. When

she did what was asked, she heard Miss Gloria rummaging

through something. Seconds later she heard the word "open" She

opened her eyes and saw the most beautiful necklace sitting in a

white fabric box. She of course had gotten presents for Christmas

from charities but none like this. It was the prettiest thing Mia

had ever seen. It was a ruby-colored jewel shaped ike a

raindrop with white crystals all around it. Mia fipped the

necklace over and saw the word feyre Written on it, she wondered

what that meant. Miss Gloria handed her the box. She then explained that the

necklace had been left in the basket with Mia when they had

found her. Miss Gloria was the first to see Mia she saw the

necklace as well, she knew she would have to hide the necklace, as

to not let Mrs. Hethcart know about it. Mrs. Hethcart would sell

the necklace for money and not ever tell anyone it existed.

Mrs. Gloria then handed Mia a note.

My dearest daughter,

I regret having to leave you like this. But I know it is for the best.

Please take care of this necklace as it was mine before you and

before mine millions of women in our family wore it. You will be

agreat queen one day I just know it. For now, enjoy living


love your mother

What the hell." she exclaimed." Have you read this?" she asked

Miss Gloria.

#No, Im afraid I haven't why?

It says Im going to be queen, me a queen?

Haha, it probably just means figuratively."

yeah, I guess." she said, " Hey, do you know why Mrs. Hethcart

was in this hall today?

Well, that would be your second surprise.

what do you mean?"

Well, Mia you've been adopted."


Yeah you've been adopted, a man named Cairon has adopted

you, and his son has come to pick you up. OMG! That's Awesome! cried Mia. She quicky pocketed her

new necklace and the note from her mother. She hugged Miss

Gloria and ran out of the room. She was almost back to her room

when she rounded the corner and ran into him.

There he was the boy from before. I got a good look at him this

time he was tall and strong, and his eyes were bright as gold. He

seemed nice, that was before he opened his mouth.

Nice going, orphan.

ExCuse me

You heard me get out of my way.


She shuffled by him and kept on to her room to pack her few

belongings. She didn't have much., but she did have the blanket

her mom gave her and some pictures she'd taken with friends

when she was younger. She didn't have much else except for her

recently acquired birthday gift. She hid it in her pocket, knowing

that Mrs. Hethcart would look through her bag to malke sure she

didn't take anything

Moments later, there was a knock at the door. Mrs. Hethcart was

on the other side along with Mr. Goldenboy. yes Mrs. Hethcart?

"Finally" she replied, "this is Cairon your new brother.


Well, chop-chop, time to go." she hurried, "just let me see your


Mia handed the bag over and Mrs. Hethcart jumbled through it.

When she tried to pull the blanket out Mia stopped her, Even

though they argued and Mrs. Hethcart tried to claim the blanket

as hers, Mia won in the end. So with her bag on her shoulder and

her necklace in her pocket she walked out of the orphanage with

Cairon. Cairon took her to a red Convertable, something mia had

only seen in pictures and never thought she'd see in real life.

He put her bag in the backseat and told her to sit in the passenger

seat. when she got in and had her seatbelt on she asked him a


I thought your dad's name was Cairon, not yours.

actually, Princess my dad's dead and myname is Cairon."


Before she could jump out of the car he slammed on the gas. She

quickly sat back down in her seat, hoping she wasn't going to die.

Who are you? she questioned. Who are you? she questioned.

My name is Cairon Lightborne and I am your royal knight."

Excuse me, My royal what?

Well, long story short your mom was the crown princess and

sister to the queen, she went missing, and the queen died, so I

Was sent to get you to rule until y our mother can be found and

brought home.

What do you mean? Mymother left me when I was a baby, why

would she do that if I was a princess?2

because it wasn't safe for you in ethria, the Dark kingdom was


Ethria?The dark Kingdom? what is going on?

Just then Cairon stopped the car.

Get out now, he told her. she refused. So he walked around the

car and opened the door. he grabbed her arm and led her to the

edge of a cliff.

What are you doing, are you crazy?

Just a little princess. He replied. Now, use your magic and

open the portal.

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To be continued... New chapter Every 10 days.

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