daniel-west- Daniel Scott West

Lovers cought in a deadly game of robbing mafia members of several crime families will they survive?

Crime For over 18 only.

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We Just Are

of God and Monsters this ain't your bony and clyde Duo Jem and Jenny are a different kind of people. criminals with a selective taist murderers and thieves virtually invisible since they prey on those in the margins of the law probates and porolees they began as scam arrest and needed something bigger for each other's effection.

how does one enter the life of a criminal does he so knowing he is commiting or is there a code that transcends the law like love that transcends all and is said to be the highest law. Jem awoke in a cold swet hoping to be alone. five minute ago he was complete his life seemed perfect. going down together wasn't what he had planned however Jenifer was in love and nothing could separate them not even a stand off with the feds. getting out of bed to see Jenifer hovering the coffee pot Jem interrupted her heavy gaze into the pot. we will die together no one showed for the stand off Jenifer mumbled they are waiting for something bigger. we screwed up. we didn't miss anything Jem interrupted. they have been killing each other until now and prison is our home.

the plan was easy in and out use a fall guy and go back in when someone is fingered as a thief. they kill each other already Jem what is it to you if they do it when we rob them. it doesn't Jem explained just don't want to be the guy they finger. there is always someone else to blame leave it to me to blame the right guy Jennifer walked over to a board of pictures. you look like a cop Jem murmered well think like a criminal and get taxed. we aren't the bad guys Jem we are robbing them.

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