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My story, my life, it's been a rough ride, so much truma I have had sometimes I wonder how I am even alive? Why is this happening, At this moment RIGHT NOW?  Is it because so much has been left unsaid overflowing with doubt? I just need this shit out of my head!!  I don't know what to do anymore. Sometimes I just wanna hide outside of my mind so I don't have to relive all of the damage done to my life… I feel as though I have failed at so many things…  43 now and I am sure that I have started to sink, Everything that's happened to me has flooded back in… All that I do is think…think about this life that I CAN'T CONTROL and the nightmares of memories that are eating my soul…  I paint, I draw, I write, and I talk… I tell stories with lessons I've learned from this life as horrific as it's been... this has always been my therapy now it's taking its toll… it's almost like my mind is at war with my heart and my soul...  RJW 2019

Poetry Romantic For over 18 only.

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Life is a silly metaphor

Life is full of chaos and strife,

kind of crazy when you really think about life?… it's been compared to many different things, for instance Bubba gump said “life is like a box of chocolate” or life is like a river flowing and changing everyday... who said that? I'm not sure, but let's try not to forget this is really just about my idea of a silly metaphor…

Through my eyes; life is like a heavily trafficked road that leads us in many different directions with many stops and goes, starts out smooth with no cracks in sight and is lined with beautiful bright alabaster street lights…

Over time it starts to erode and create a few nasty bumps in the night… After a few years bumps turn into ruts, ruts turn into holes, and if they don't eat your car they may eat your soul…. I don't know about you but for me patching just won't do; sure you could go around or even drive off road; or maybe Cram a little adventure into your mold? The scenic route is glorious! “So I think I've heard…”

DON'T that sound fantastic?

SURE till your lost, out of time, slightly spastic and on the edge of completely losing your FUCKING MIND!…

Now let's just take a minute, take a breath, maybe hit reverse no need to mash the brakes or cross that line. In the end we only lost a Lilliputian amount of time… OK, OK lets not vear to far from these deep thoughts that I keep trying to convey. It's just a little survey about this bumpy road l live with today...

Why patch and fill it's only an attempt to cover or conceal that's no way to deal WITH ANYTHING THAT'S REAL!

In conclusion, if your world is beginning to feel like a broken road that's showing it's cracks with massive potholes blocking your path; you could patch the holes and seal the crack, but we all know that shit never lasts! So tear that motherfucker up, start a new road and take a new path...

RJW 2018

Tornado of lies,

“I really” don’t think my life is a scary as it seems;

but it’s definitely a close second to a really bad dream! Most days I have no idea what is going on?

So confusing and honestly out of my control?

I yell and I scream I plead and I cry I am afraid if I don’t Wake up I may Actually Die...

Its a little like a bad rerun has taken over same day new trauma….

My soul is in purgatory trying to get out !

One can only assume it feels a little like being trapped in a tornado made of chaos and lie’s…

I think I may need some help to rescue my spirit so broken and lost;

I am sure if you close your eyes you can see the cost; and if you listen real close you can hear it’s cries… I am just so exhausted always trying to escape from someone else’s lies….

RJW 2021

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