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This book is about live being effective impacted on how racism is attacking people's life from someone P.O.V and how there life could be in people's situations.

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The Begining

  • As racial Justice is, there should be more rights towards black people. Coming from a young person, even knowing the suspicious activities people have of being looked at with different colored skins, all people should be treated the same. Looks aren't the main idea people look at. We should be more worried about action and crime. Judging someone by color isn't what this world needs. On August 28 1963 Martin Luther King Jr said in a speech "Quoting" "I have a dream." What told people we all need to be treated the same.

On May 25 2020 George Floyd was arrested leaving his last words “ I can’t breathe” As the police officer had his knee placed on Georges neck a crowd of people gathered yelling and telling the officer to let go as the time went on George Floyd Slowly Dies at the scene. After George Floyd Died a day after people started protesting Equal rights. People held signs above their heads telling all people this world needs equal rights. After so much protesting cops and police tried to stop people. As that happened people started rioting and breaking into buildings and destroying Minneapolis MN. Well the rioting kept going. Soon they had to have the U.S Army guard and police shooting bombs and gas bombs to make people evacuate. As then They think that made things worse people kept going and soon business were closed, boards were in the window. People then started blowing up things like cars, houses and buildings. One thing I wish people could figure out is why people truly think African American are so much different than white people as we look at people with different faces. Why aren't they looked at the same way as black people isn't a difference from white and black people? All the difference is a color and a color means nothing. I truly think we should fight for African Americans peacefully and calmly and not loudly and without people having to fear being hurt or being killed. To this day people don't realize how African American feel when they look different. It makes them feel unwelcome to the world, not only just people with different colored skins, people with different looks are looked at differently.

Against them

African Americans have different color skin and I think they get too much on their backs they start going at each other and that's why people think badly of them. They start firing guns and doing things people don't need. There are more than a handful of people a day guns fired at someone, probably more than one person. Or A murder somewhere in the world witch means someones position or love dies. Freedom is key.

How to prevent

I think to this day we can prevent things from happening and this is one of the things that we need to start to take control over it like letting something rot and it stinks forever so like people think how they would get sick of it and feel bad I don't think it is right for people to look at people and think those people can stand out they fit in like everyone else and need to be treated today like white people have all Justice ⚖ so can they this world needs to be cleaned!

Do A Deed

Being a true person is knowing what it would be like with different skin your not perfect people who think there perfect got nothing good to them everyone has one thing different about them just like African Americans there skin is different colored and they need to be able to fit in like the rest of the world look at them like a normal human being. Next time you hear anything bad about someone's color make a quote as a deed to make someone feeling overcomed and make the person feel welcomed for who they are. Let them know they are loved by God and that there is nothing different about them and their soul is just as special as everyone else's.


In many ways we can prevent racism from happening. Schools and out of work life also need Prevention. There are many possible ways we can not only prevent but stop. Like other situations this topic may be a difficult one to control but there ways. If you were in school or at work you not only can prevent but stop problems. If you were to look into racist comments, actions and bullying standards that is one harder thing to prevent. This prevention may need police action or take control over. If you were to be in a situation like a racist matter how would you feel that the same way Americans feel.

Prevent not watching the act.

Flip It

Let's say there this kid "Leeah" she was just strolling the streets when this group of African American kids "Lony, South and North" started to crowd around you and started making fun of you for being white. And then you feel like you're stuck in this world no one can save you. And then you start to feel you're nonexistent and all African Americans start harassing and doing what white people are doing to African American people. Now just think about the fact that everyday people with skin colors that are not white get ashamed of a freaking color. "Why?" Well because they are comparing themselves to people who don't look like them. So be the way you want to be treated before they come back towards you.


To this day I don't even look to myself as white I have people in my family who are African American I'm not white I have color just because I have tan skin not a African American but I have in between Little do people realize I'm just the same color as a white person or someone who is African American so do you view me different because I'm someone who has darker skin "No" because I'm not African American know do you honestly think that is right I have skin close to my family but I have jeans in my family that not everyone else in my family has see were different and because we are that's what makes us unique I think if we could get equal rights that would be amazing and sharing thing around is as a protesting equal or more right to African American that would be appreciated not only for freedom to them but to people who believe in rights freedom would be claimed.

Your Inside Is What People Look At Your Outside Doesnt Matter As Long You Got A Heart Of Gold Be A Role Model

-Autumn Fredrickson

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To be continued...

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