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The deadly dark blue eyes

as I walked past her I got a quick glance of thow deadly dark blue eyes as she tackeled to the ground by the man. she pooled a pincel out and stabs the man up his nose .at that moment I new I loved her. I grand my knife walked over to whar she was and cut out the man Hart and hand it to her and asked her to be mine .she smiles and sead yes my master. we grand the man body and wint back to my cave drand all the blood out the body in to my tub and poot his meet up in my frizer . we both strip and bath in the blood and had sex . thin I mad her some of the man's arm . and thin we both eat thin we lade down to sleep her deadly dark blue eyes looks at me and sead let merder my dad I smile and angry I grab the Hart forme her and cut paces of my hair and made here a nexles she poots it on and we both sleep dreaming of the death of her dad. wen I wake up I see my deadly dark blue eyes say mast it time .thin she lafes we grab the liter and start walking to the doctor howes . we stand in the woods and just stare at the man in the howes she pick up a rock and smack her self in the foot . we walk up and she throwes the rock bust the wind and holer o daddy dearest I'm home. he runs to the window. I thought u where. still locked up in to the asilem she laughs and runs in to the house. he tryes to exscap but I run a round and catch him at the back door I picked up a bat he had by the door and smack him in the head. we drag him to the shed and tie him to the wood chiper she grabs the gass and throwes it on him. Willie we sing ring a round the rosey pocket fool of Posey ashes ashes u born to the ground I hand her the liter and she burns him we lafe and I kiss her we take a hachet and cut off his head thin torn on the wood chiper and throw his body in as the blood falls like ran we dance and thin we go home and tack his head on the cave wall.

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