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Since this is a story writing app, I might as well do a post on story writing. I enjoy sitting down and writing in a notebook or typing on my phone. Sometimes I like to draw my characters on some card whilst watching TV.

I've read a lot of websites on story writing and I want to take this opportunity to write one of my own.

I'd say the first thing to do is to decide on a main character or characters that the reader can root for. Try to think,

What do they look like?

What personality traits do they have?

What are their likes and dislikes?

What do they really want to achieve in your book?

Are they kind, cool, funny, why, confident?

For example, a fourteen year old girl named Ally with long brown hair and glasses. She is shy and timid and wants to be an actress when she gets older.

Once you have a clear picture of your character, try to imagine what situation they are in. Are they a teenager who's trying to get into a street-dance group? Are they a time traveler who gets trapped in an unknown time and place? Think about whether your story is make-believe or not. It could be based on real events or something that happened to you.

For example, Ally wants to get the main part in a school play but is very nervous and doesn't know what to do to prepare.

Or, if you want it to be an adventure story or for it to have some sort of supernatural element, maybe put an unexpected twist in.

For example, Ally is at her audition when she decovers a magic doorway to another reality.

Another important thing about creating your character is making sure people can relate to them in real life. What are their weaknesses? Do they have any particular flaws or hidden talents? Do they argue with their siblings? Are their parents divorced, extra?

For example, Ally gets stage fright and is too scared to perform. Her parents are always arguing but she has always been close to her sister. However, as they both start new school years, her sister starts going to new clubs and begins to make new friends. She slowly leaves Ally behind.

Another important part is the side characters. The main character might have a best friend, a younger brother or sister, or maybe even an enemy/arch nemesis. Think,

What are they like?

Are they good or bad?

What kind of relationship do they have with the main character?

For example, Ally's best friend is a boy called Thomas who likes maths and is tall with blonde hair.

It is important to have some of these kinds characters because the side characters can really add something to the story and make it more exciting.

Once you have your characters, you should decide on a storyline. Usually the character goes through some sort of change and become more brave or confident. Maybe they end up archieving their goal or winning something or triumphing over evil. Every story has a begging, middle and end.

For example,

Part one,

Ally has just started year ten and is struggling with her options. She wants to be on the school play but is too shy and struggles with drama. She and her sister are growing further and further apart and her parents are always arguing. Her best friend Thomas always has her back and helps her to prepare for her audition after school.

Part two,

A few weeks later, she has her audition and whilst waiting to begin, she finds a magic portal to a magical world.

This world is full of magical creatures and she meets a girl wizard called Anya who shows her around. Whilst visiting a rare dragon, they witness a band of theives capture it. They overhear where the thieves plan on taking the dragon just in time before the thieves drop a smoke bomb and disappear. The two characters venture through the magic land and come to a castle guarded by a three headed dog.

Part three,

Ally manages to be firm with the dog and tame it. They manage to sneeks through the castle to the dungeon and free the dragon. They hop on it's back just as the guards find them. The dragon gets them out and they escape through a window. Afterwards, Ally returns to her own world and finds herself at the exact time she left. She then goes onstage, full of confidence and gets the main part. It ends with her parents, sister, and friends congratulating her.

I hope you liked my run through on the basics of how to write a story. Please be sure to leave comments on other interesting topics for me to cover and feel free to ask any questions.

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