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Reading Recovery Plan

[x] Word Search

[x] Pick a topic, borrow from the library a cheat sheet

[x] Go out to garden and have tea

[x] Borrow a Magazine from the same topic

[x] Glance Table of Content

[x] Pick 2 Articles and their Headlines

[x] Read 1st paragraph of 1st article

[x] Rewrite the paragraph in your own words

[x] Read 1st paragraph of 2nd article.

[x] Highlight the Keywords in that paragraph

[x] Glance at Cheat Sheet Section Headings

[x] Glance at Cheat Sheet Section One

[x] Pick out Keywords or Drawings from the Section One

Repeat the plan above until you feel ready to read more than one paragraph

[x] Do everything above plus

[x] Summarize the 1st and 2nd paragraphs of article one in your own words.

[x] Read paragraphs 3rd and 4th and use the margin to drop notes down

[x] Reread your notes on paragraphs 3rd and 4th, summarize the paragraph.

[x] Read Section 1 and 2 of Cheat Sheet

[x] Try to summarize them in your own words or drawings.

Repeat the plan above until you feel ready to read the first full chapter.

[x] Do everything above plus

[x] Read Chapter Questions first

[x] Read Subchapter Questions second

[x] Focus on Subchapter Questions

[x] Develop a legend for needed questions type

e.g. a star at the corner of a page, when the page mentions the characteristics of Character X

[x] Develop your margin note systems.

e.g. on the side, I might write: bad memories in childhood

e.g. family-related, character flaws related

[x] Read 1st Subchapter and try to highlight key points on the second read

[x] Dated and signed when your reading is done

[x] Use the system until you are done reading the entire chapter.

Repeat the plan until you feel ready to complete reading an entire fiction/nonfiction.

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To be continued...

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