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Darkness begins to take over

I'm afraid this is it for me. That lost feeling engulfed me. Trying to hide my feelings of dispare. Overwhelming feeling I'd unwanted an unloved, back 5o over thinking. My mind is running 1, 000 miles per hour, ***with everything that I hate about myself, from my image to whom I've become. Why do I got a be so broke always picking up the pieces of my self patching open wounds and restitching old scars that have reopened.I'm never going to be enough for anyone with all my insecurities. No one will ever stay, I'm way to broken, at some point everyone leaves. I underits not that hard to see that I'm to broke. It becomes too much to deal with even for me. My depre, anxiety an all the abuse that stains who o once use to be. I hate who I am. Broke an useless, Shit I don’t even want to be who I am. Wishing I can toss who I become an revive who I once use to be. I hate every brokenpart of my self, everyone I care about leaves and leaves me more in pieces. someone please just takes all my broke parts an removed hen or kill the new mecause sheslowly killing me anyway. Thought I was saved, but depression anxiety hand grabbed me again and pushes and destroying happiness that I have. Finally, find my place and my other half, the love of my life an now I feel my depression has the upper hand, slowly destroying what happiness we share.lesvingme feeling alone and cold struggling to keep my head above water. Gasping for air, crying in pain alone. Afraid no one's hands coming to save me again...... *** To Be continued

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The End

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