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Jungkook doesn't fit in well that's what his dad says but will Jungkook find the untold truth about the real world that his dad claims it to be?

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jungkook was getting ready for school when he heard his dad yell for him.

he put his shoes on and left his room going to his dad.

"yes dad do you want something?"

"yeah your not going to wear anything girly at school are you? I hope you don't it's for girls and you won't fit in well not the men's at least!"

"dad I can wear anything I want even if I'm gay or not or a female!"

Jungkook said getting his backpack and rolling his eyes.

"nope not at all! you'll go to hell! and no son of mine is going to be in my house who werships the devil you got it?!"

his dad yelled making Jungkook scared for his life.

"pfft whatever!"

Jungkook then left the house to walk too school he couldn't stand his dad he wish his mom was back from her strip but she won't be back for weeks.

see Jungkook always had these problems with his dad he couldn't Wear what he wanted to wear he could only wear what his dad wanted him to wear.


*at school*

"aw someone is wearing black today? are you scared that your turn into girl?"

jungkooks best friend said the one and only park Jimin.

"no but my dad does I just wish he could leave us already! he's not even my dad dad's don't treat you like your a toy I'm not going to be what he wants me to be I wanna be who I wanna be! but the only one who understands that is my mom."

"I wish I could feel your pain but i-i can't my mom doesn't care what I am she said I am still her son even if I was bi or not and my dad too! "


_time skip_

/at jimins house/

" I'm sorry baby that your dad doesn't like you because your gay but at least you have your mom to back you up but for now you can stay with us as long as you want to! "

the dad said giving Jungkook a warm hug.

" thanks I'll stay here for about 5 day's? "

" 5 days it is! "

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To be continued... New chapter Everyday.

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