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Chapter 1- IT'S A GIRL

There was the sound of someone walking in a dense forest.An old man was slowly passing through the forest, that old man had blue eyes which was shining a little in the light of the moon.

His hairs was coming up to his waist, he was wearing a long robe that had a lot of dust on it. He slowly came out of the forest.Light was visible at a distance, which meant that the capital was not far away.He looked very tired but he increased his walking speed.He entered the capital, now he had reached the city,there was a lot of noise in the city, many people were discussing deep among themselves, many people were buying goods from shops, some children were playing a game with each other.But he didn't have time to look at all these things,he wanted to reach the palace as soon as possible. Coming a little further, he saw that about 20 soldiers were patrolling.

"Not too far now" he said to himself

He could now see the minarets of the palace, light was coming from the windows of the minarets.

He wanted to get to the palace as soon as possible before it's too late. Now he could better see the palace which was steered on a flat rock.He was crossing the field now, the smell of grass was coming from the field. There was a big lake behind the palace, which was shining in the light of the moon. But he was just moving towards the palace without paying attention to all these things.He could now see the door of the palace which was very grand. He was now just five or so feet away from the gate of the palace when he was stopped by two soldiers,they said that "No one is allowed to enter the palace right now".

He looked at the soldiers for a while and then said, "This is a very important matter, please let me in."

"It's a royal decree we can't do anything".

The old man sighed and then took something out of his robe that looked very old, the thing looked like a piece of paper with a crown on it. On seeing the piece of paper, the soldiers withdrew and let him in.He had finally reached the palace but his work was not over yet, He was now crossing the cellar of the heroes,where there were gold statues of old kings. He climbed the stairs to the first floor,

He was now in the corridor of the first floor where there was no one other than the soldiers, he went to the second floor the corridor there was full of people, all those people were looking at him probably because of his condition.Then someone grabbed both his hands from behind, he looked back and found that his hands is caught by the soldiers,"Leave me "he said

" Unknown persons are not allowed to come on this floor right now, you have to come with us."

He tried to find someone familiar on the side of the crowd.In that crowd he recognized a woman whose hair was very fine and curly, she was the sister of the king.He said loudly "lady Siriya".

The woman looked at him, The man was shocked to see her because she was now looking more acquitted than before.The woman came running towards him. Two slaves also came with that woman.Leave him she said to the soldiers loudly.

" Lord Vains you are here,has anything happened in Katemill?"

"Where is the king, I really need to talk to him it's really urgent please my lady".

" Okay, Dera I'm going with Lord Vain to the king, if there's any work here, call me. "They both went to the third floor,they were crossing the corridor silently.

They both reached the door of a room where 10 soldiers were guarding, The woman asked a soldier that "Is the king inside?"

"Yes my lady, he is talking to the commander".

"Go inside and tell them that Lord Vain has come to meet him,go".The soldier went inside the room and after a while three people came out of the room, one of them was wearing a golden armor which was probably the commander,And one was the soldier who went in, behind them a man wearing a golden crown who had a deep wound on his face but his face was very cheerful came outside.

"Lord Vain" king said

"My Lord" he said and band his knees in front of the king

"Please don't do this you are like my father"King said and get him up

Then a maid came towards Lady Siriya and whisper something in her ears, then Lady Siriya said that" I'm sorry Lord Vain, but I have to go"

She left from there.

"has anything happened in Katemill Lord Vain?"

"Katemill is attacked and captured by Balis' forces".

" What, Why not ask your neighbor Mary for help".

"Mary and Salor is also captured by Balis empire".

" How, I didn't get any message from there".

"Balis's army is moving towards the capital you don't have much time my Lord".

"How much time do we have?"

Then Lady Siriya came towards the king with a baby on her hands and said"you become a father now, take "she gave the baby to the king.

The king smiled and said loudly that "it's a girl."

King passed the baby towards Lord Vain, After seeing the baby Lord Vain said that "Welcome to the world, little one!"

He passed the baby towards Lady Siriya. Then king asked him that "How much time do we have? "

"This night only".

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