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First Indo-Pak war of 1947

after partition, states were left to select which country they preferred to join. Maharaja Hari Singh of Jammu and Kashmir was confused on which country to join as he was Hindu but more than 80% of his kingdom's population was Muslim. Meanwhile, Pakistan was seeking to enlargen Its territory, so it attacked Jammu and Kashmir.

On 22nd October 1947, Pakistan attacked Jammu and Kashmir with the help of tribal forces. Maharaja Hari Singh's troops were driven back. . with the situation getting worse and the enemy forces getting near the capital , Maharaj Hari Singh agreed to join India.

Indian forces created a defence perimeter around the capital and were able to hold both the capital and the airfield overnight against extreme odds.

they defeated tribal forces which were pursued as far as URI and Baramulla. After capturing these towns, Indian forces stopped pursuing the tribal forces.

Indian forces were now beginning to push back enemy forces. After the spring offensive and many operations, negotiations began.

The terms of the ceasefire required Pakistan to withdraw its forces while allowing India to maintain minimal forces.

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