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Unique!: Diverse & Beautiful

Unique!: Diverse & Beautiful

The "Sphere" we inhabit,is made up of so many divergant peoples,Yet today there are those who would seek to "homogenize" our planet,for varying reasons,Some of them highly questionable..


No one has ever been able to tell me what "normal" is! Each is unique,Even identical twins have differences,not the least of which is different fingerprints!

For me,the word "normal" translates as "Mediocre" or "ordinary",I cant think of a soul in the world,who wants to be described as "Mediocre"! 🙂

Living & developing as we have,in history,finding new ways,new methods to do things,which,in turn were copied by others,much to the benefit off all.The very diversity we have,both makes us,interesting & informative in the methods we have,or have discovered

Where would we be,if someone had not discovered the wheel!? Some cultures didn't. A case being the Inca Empire,something amazing,when you see the giant structures they created,an example being Machu Picchu,One can only applaud the amount of human endurance that went into constructing this wonderful "City In The Sky" without the knowledge of the wheel..A great example of our global diversity.


Why do people go on vacation? To see! To "sample & discover other cultures of course! If we were just a global "uniformity" there would be no need would there! All would be the same..How boring is that!?I love the diversity,our planet,gives us,also again,it makes us in another way "unique" in our differences..So much nonsense is taked about peoples color,but what if we were all "green" ? Awful! it makes the point..We are beautiful,as we are,we are far from perfect,but thats how we all are,we make mistakes..its our nature at times,Nothing & No one on earth is perfect..Ok..Lets talk Food..!🙂

Foods Of The World

Most people today,have a preference for foods,originating in other countries,or cultures,For example,I like Mexican,Indian,& Chinese food,French as well,Foods from North Western Europe tend to be plainer tasting,than more exotic fare..So many prefer it In Arabic lands,& Greece or Turkey,many lamb or sheep meat based dishes,which i like too!.Rather than look at the "cliched" foods of many countries lets look at the more exotic & "diverse"..

Chickens Feet:!

In the Philippines people eat chickens feet,they love the "crunchy" taste,not to my taste,nor is "bilot" egg with an 18 day old chick inside,Again,not for me..!🙂


Frogs Legs Or Le Escargot (Snails)

I have had both,Frogs legs are nice, taste like Chicken,(As does Sɲake) taste good! Snails,I dont like,Had them in both Garlic & another time in Champagne,Both times for me,they tasted awful..I guess i'm not cut out to be a "Snail Eater" 🙂 Probably other people may love them..


Scotlands national dish,Its amazing how many national dishes,began life as "Starvation" food..Haggis is one,(Sheeps stomach, filled with herbs & oatmeal) normally served with a "dram" (Shot) of Scotch Whisky!

Indian Food

One of my favorites is Onion Baj,and Tandoori Chicken,Great for warming people up in the cold Northerɲ Winter,One pf the more exotic foods there being "Mayflies" which i avoid!

One of the strangest foods i ever ate was "Hedgehog" With the Berber people of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, they had it for breakfast, Wrapped in a "Mudball" once cooked the spines come away with the mud,leving only tje meat..Problem is..Theres not much meat on a hedgehog! Need to eat about 4 to stop being hungry!🙂

Other World Foods

China, becauseof her huge population,has many regional dishes,so we won't go into all of them, And i don't want WET MARKET mentioned!🙂 A favorite of mine is Bejing or "Chrispy"Duck Sichuan dishes i love,because they are hot & Spicy..

Western food at times lacks the sheer input of ingredients that come from other cultures & can taste very plain at times for that reason,Bit i'm a Beefsteak addict! Chicken Kiev too!

Diversity Of Style & Manners

Learning local ettiquette,has long been one of my great educational pleasures,Each country has their own,sometimes even from region to region,Superstitions too! Example,In Ireland a black cat crossing your path,is considered "very" good luck,UK also. But elsewhere, its a bad omen! underlines our diversity..🙂..Oh & don't move home on a Saturday,In ireland,because "Saturdays "flit" (move) is a short sit! The superstitions can be endless!

French Culture,is probably as high,as any in the world,there are downsides.Example,Qualifications: If your doing business in France & you say.."Oh im a self man person,worked my way up through the company..They will pratically ignore you at business meetings,No Qualifications,No respect! Its how they are,But if you dont speak French,& you try,even making mistakes,they are very impressed! & will help you,because your TRYING..That said,France is a beautiful country,& are welcoming to strangers,The only real animosity,is reserved for English people,Centuries of rivalry,But mostly today,its better natured,France,Like Ireland,by their history,are mostly a very "equal" people ,who generally frown on out of date concepts like Rascism,Gender Issues ect..

Arab Africa,

As I mentioned,I spent some time in Arabic Africa,In Morocco the food is amazing..But the wonderful smell of "Spices" is everywhere,probably the local people dont notice it anymore,but"foreigners" like me do, & its great,!

Generally Arabic people are friendly & hospitable,Too much is focused by media,on the negative fanatical aspects,But every religon had them,Its Islams turn now..One local custom,caught me off guard though! When going to visit,its custom to bring gifts..Someone suggested Chocolates..but the 2nd one threw me,never would have thought of it,Sanae,my girlfriend,at the time, teased me..😄 She said Hmmm can you guess what ot might be?? I tried a few times,finally i gave up

.Ok she said..SALT! What?? said I Salt?😯 Yes its tradition..So i went out & bougjht a kilo of "Salt" for a few Dirhams! Cultural diversity again..! 🙂

On a serious note..I saw men,who had "walked" all the way from places like Senegal,looking for work,to feed their families..I hope they did..they deserve to..Thats why,when i see lazy spoiled overprivilaged people making "excuses" for. doing nothing,in spite of many opportuinities in the West..My mind goes back to these men who walked the Western Sahara..& i get angry..😠 When some one is determined,& sets their focus on a goal..nothing will stop them..But there are those who wont...

Inventions & Discoveries

So much of our modern medical practice,originated,in Asia, & the Middle East..China,India,Persia, in particullar,Its only over the past two centuries,& interaction, has this,& advanced wesyern technology,brought greater advancement both in the sciences & Medical profession,People from the aforementioned Cpuntries,seem to have a natural aptitude for healing & discovery,It would suprice many, if they knew,just how many Indian & Pakistani Professors head up University faculties & Medical Institutions abroad..Chinese medicine is as diverse as the country its self! A little secret i found out by accident..Much was made of Chinese doctors & homeopatic clinics using "Tigers Claws for treatments,Howls of protest from animal rights groups, and others,

But heres the secret..Tigers claws, have a property in them, that WORKS! it heals! But today its politically uncorrect to say so..Not to mention depleting the tiger population,But Chinese healers had known this for thousands of years! The proven test of time...

Going Forward

If we were all to become the same..a single entity,as some people would have us,There would be no need for tourism,But the diversity of the human race,makes us who we are,Our discoveries,our appearance,even our mistakes

To those who who aspire to make humanity a commodity,a workhorse for their elite enrichment. YOU...and your concepts are but a blink of an eye in time,your ideas will fade,as so many have,Humanity WILL march on,to difficulties, we WILL find a way..Its our nature .

In my time. .I always will OPPOSE you.

with my last breath..Because our global diversity,it the greatest strength of our humanity.And hey,we still have space to conquer!..In a few thousand years,We may come to "Glorify" our humble beginnings..


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