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A book of poems that I've wrote based off my feelings and experiences. Even the most saddest memories can be turned into a beautiful poem.

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She holds you in every piece of her heart,

When the night falls is when she falls apart,

The day you left still plays in the back of her mind, it's almost like her memories are stuck on rewind,

The pain is now a part of who she has become, angry, broken but also numb,

She wasn't ready to say goodbye, but she knows that it was your time to fly,

She isn't ready to let you go,

There was so much she wanted you to know,

She never got to tell you how much she loved you all she can hope is that's something you already knew.

Maybe one day the tears will dry but until then all she does is cry.

The End

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Sharpies <3 Sharpies <3
Beautiful :)
April 18, 2023, 01:19
Arthur Lake Arthur Lake
Wow hit home to me, very nicely done. ✔
March 20, 2023, 15:55

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