saint_marcus06 Saint Marcus

It's about a Barbary lion named Shupa, Who lived with his pride and son in the Atlas Mountains and He is taken by Trappers to the Colossuem and He has to survive and thrive to get back to his son and pride.

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Life in the Pride

Life in the pride hasn't been stable ever since, The Queen died a year ago and I have been taking care of my son ever since, I could see my son every night visiting his mother's grave in the Mountains, It is also a king's duty to take care of his pride and never dishonor the customs of our ancestors, It has never been too easy for us, But at least life is passing by, We go on hunts everyday searching for Antelope or a Buffalo for out next meal, We only take what we need of the land, We also have to respect all of the living creatures from the flying eagle to the crawling snake.

But one must be watchful of himself, There are other lions who want their place as king, I once got defeated by a rivaling lion named "Zama", Who could be a potential king, When I am gone, We live in a valley between two mountains, My father decreed long ago, Never to cross the valley, I didn't understand the reason behind his decree, But I never thought of disobeying it, Sometimes Hyenas decide to take more than their share by attacking the pride, The Hyena attacks get bolder everyday but we must stand tall in front of the enemy.

My wife was a clever leader and I loved her so much, I sometimes remember her and I ask her if things are going to be any better, It keeps me going everyday, I even swore to protect our son, If any danger arises, But sometimes her memory is sharper than a claw, I do cry in her memory at times and I also try to gain strength from it.

The weather here is Moderate in most of the year, But The heat can rise in summer and a drought could occur, Which we must prepare for by gathering near a giant lake in the valley and in winter, It can get cold, But our furs keep us warm in the midst of the cold, Our mornings always begin with me roaring to the rest of the pride and getting the attention of all the animals in the valley, But things are about to get a turn for the worse.

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