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Lara's one dream has been to move out her best friend lives alone, her boyfriend lives alone so she's the only one who has to leave early by 8 pm. But one day that all changes when suddenly she can control time and can go home at any time she chooses.

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Since I was sixteen I have built my own perfect world living outside my parents home.I'd live in a studio apartment.

I would have one of the rooms be a study with bookshelves as high as those in beauty and the beast.

I would have a huge tv room with a home theatre and a a white long couch.There would be a mirror behind the couch to take selfies.

And my master bedroom would have a large bed like I used to have when I was ten and didn't have two younger sisters.I would have a walk in closet.

I'd have my Best friend sleep over.My bathroom would have a pink bathtub.Just by that you can tell I'm a dreamer so wanna know more about me and my life.

Well let's get into my story.

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DW Dennis Waweru
Seems entruiging i wanna read more
November 25, 2021, 14:30

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