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Alaysia Who is born into a noble house in the fairy kingdom of Azura. She excelled in all her studies especially in magic. When she met a strange woman promising to teach her ancient ways of magic she jumped at the chance. The only thing this woman wanted in return was A favor that Alaysia had to give her. Will this woman return to claim his favor? Will this backfire on this young woman Find out in this new short story “Alaysia Sorianna Ancient Ruler Of Azura.”

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Her Most Gracious Majesty

Alaysia Sorianna was born and raised in a small castle outside of the great fairy city Of Titania. She was the only child of her parents, Marietta and Alis. She was raised in a respectful home of nobility. She had the best teachers in all of her studies and had a private tutor just for her magic. At a young age, Alaysia's teachers and tutors saw that she was bound for greatness. On Alaysia's 18th birthday, she was in her garden practicing her new magic spells. When a woman appeared before her. The woman looked at Alaysia and smiled. She picked up a flower, waved her hands over the flower, and morphed it into beautiful purple butterflies. Alaysia was amazed at her magic abilities; she walked up to the woman and introduced herself. She said. "Hello, my name is Alaysia; that was a stunning spell you did with that flower." The woman flipped her hair and said, "Hello, my name is Theda. And thank you, I have been taught by many wizards and the sorcerers from ancient times." Alaysia was Amazed! She has never met someone who had that much training in magic before. "Alaysia? "Theda asked. "Would you like to learn all of the ancient magic that I know?" Alaysia excitedly nodded her head and agreed. That day she spent learning the mystic magic from very ancient times. The only thing that Theda wanted in return was one day, she would request a favor, and on that day, Alaysia would give it to Theda. Days turned into weeks, and Alaysia was still practicing the magic that Theda taught her. Her teachers and tutors were amazed at how her magical skills have impressively improved in such a short time. Word went through the whole city of Titania that Alaysia's magic skills were the best in their land. When the new Ruler of Azura heard this from his aides, he wanted to meet Alaysia. The next week Alaysia's parents packed up their home and traveled to meet this new Ruler. Days later, they arrived at Fleurette Castle. Waiting at the gates were two guards and the new Ruler's right-hand man. The guards opened the gate, and Alaysia and her parents walked up to introduce themselves. Before they could say anything, the King's aid said, "Hello, I am Axl, I am ahead counselor to his Royal Majesty King Auberon Balthazar." Alaysia curtsied to Axl, and she and her family walked into the castle. As she looked around while walking through the castle, she saw the most amazing things. She saw magical folk that she's never seen or heard of before. She saw a banquet hall filled with cookies and treats being made by beautiful Elves. Axl stopped at two giant gold doors. He took out his wand, tapped it twice, and the doors opened. As they opened, you could see a young man sitting at the throne. He had long brown hair and beautiful green eyes. Axl invited Alaysia and her parents into the throne room. They walked in, and there they stood in front of King Auberon Balthazar. The King stood up and walked towards Alaysia; she curtsied as he walked straight towards her. He took her hand and kissed it. He said, "Hello, My Lady Alaysia, I am King Auberon Balthazar. I hear you have some of the best magical techniques in our kingdom?" Alaysia blushed and replied very quietly. "I have been told that, your majesty." King Auberon Smiled and took Alaysia's hand. He signaled for her parents to follow, and they all walked into his garden to see if Alaysia's magical skills were as excellent as people say. The King put Alaysia through many trials to see if he was right. she passed them exceedingly. That night the King took Alaysia to dinner. They had her favorite meal and dessert. They talked for what seemed like hours. The King looked at her and watched how graceful she was, how beautiful she was, how kind she was, and at that moment, he fell in love. He wanted to make Alaysia his Queen. The next day the King summoned Alaysia and her parents to his throne room. As they arrived, he stood up and walked towards her. He looked into her beautiful eyes and said, "Alaysia, when I met you, I thought you were a lovely kind person. But now I know you were more. You are strong; you are brave. You are smart. When I took you to dinner last night, I could not stop about and wanted you to be my Queen. Alaysia Sorianna, Will you be my Queen? Will you take my hand in marriage?" Alaysia Looked at the King with her blushing face and said yes. The King hugged her and kissed her. From that moment on, plans are being made for the wedding of the century. King Auberon and Alaysia Sorianna were to be wed. As the weeks went on, the wedding day finally came; it was a beautiful ceremony; all the bride's family and friends came to celebrate the joyful occasion. After the wedding was the coronation. Alaysia was to be made Queen. She was nervous, but she made it through it, and as husband and wife as King and Queen, the newlyweds walked up to the thrones and sat down together. It was a very long day, and Alaysia grew tired and went to Lie down and rest for a while. As she walks into the Corredor's into her new bedroom, she lies down on the bed. She closed her eyes for what seemed like seconds when she heard someone laughing. She sat up and looked over. A woman with purple wings stood before her. She looked at this woman closely. "Theda?'" She called. "yes, dear child. And I am Theda!" The woman replied. "what a beautiful wedding. What a beautiful bride. Do you remember while I'm here? "Alaysia looked at her in shock. "yes, I remember you taught me ancient magic, then you wanted something in return, but I have nothing to give you!" Theda laughed and sat on the bed. "oh, but you do have something to give me a child. With my magic, I saw this happening. I saw you marrying the King; why do you think I would come to you. I could've picked any girl in the kingdom, but I saw you marrying the King. Now my child, what I want is simple I want the kingdom. I want to rule!" Alaysia was getting scared. "now that you are Queen, you can easily get rid of your husband and give me control of the kingdom. You made a promise Alaysia. You have to keep it!' Alaysia stood up from the bed. "What if I don't?! I love my husband and would never do anything to harm him or our kingdom!" Theda frowned and took a step back "so you are not honoring your promise, girl?! Well, there will be consequences for you. No one breaks promises to Theda or Aethe. I will see you soon, dear, very soon," Alaysia broke down crying. What has she done! She was scared she didn't know that Theda was evil and part of the Aethe! As the party ended, Auberon came back to their bedroom. He saw Alaysia curled up on the floor, shaking in tears. He asked what happened and who did this to her. She reluctantly told him everything she told him about Theda, her magic, and even about the Aethe. Her husband is mad; he couldn't believe she did something like this. But he had compassion for her; he told her nothing would happen to her and she would be safe in the castle. A month went on, and no sign of Theda. One day the King and Queen were sitting on the throne. When the sky went dark, the guards vanished. A person in a hooded cloak appeared before them. Alaysia knew it was Theda. She took off the hood and laughed. "Yes, dear girl, it is me!" I told you I would be back. I keep my promises. Now your punishment for disobedience is I'll take your husband, or I take you. Pick your poison," Auberon shot up and said. You will not take my me or my wife, How dare you speak to a King and Queen this way!" Auberon ran at Theda, she used her magic to deflect him and threw him against the wall. He was unconscious. Theda then went over to the King and said, "for your insolence, you will die!" Alaysia Stood up and said, "No, Theda. You can have me. Please take me to another realm you want. Please don't hurt my husband or my kingdom." Theda looked at Alaysia and smirked. "Such a brave girl." Theda opened a portal to the shadow realm. "Say your goodbyes! she said to Alaysia. Alaysia went to her King, kneeled beside him, and kissed him goodbye. She was in tears. The thought that she would never see the love of her life again broke her. Theda looked at the couple and had this weird feeling in her chest. "What is this feeling? I'm not too fond of it. Is it sympathy?" She looked at the portal and then closed it. I'll do you a favorite child. I will not throw you under the shadow realm. I'll do you one better; I'll make you a spirit. You only stay in this castle you'll never leave. But you will get to see the love of your life. Is that a deal? Alaysia stood up and said, "Yes, I just want to be able to be with him still." Theda laughed. "My child, unless your husband can see spirits, he will never know you're there. But before Alaysia could say a word, Theda Performed the spell. Before she left, she looked at Alaysia And said, "Next time, my child, keep your promises." This guy went back to its nice light blue the guards returned to the King awakened. He looked all over the castle for his Queen but couldn't find her anywhere. As he went back to his bedroom, a note was left by Theda Explaining what happened. So here's the King trying to find a way to see his beloved Queen again. He eventually got remarried had children and grandchildren. But the first queen of Azura, Queen Alaysia Sorianna still roaming the halls of The Fleurette Castle. She will never rest in the Elysian Forest.

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Kathryn McGregor Stories of Faenbel is a series of short stories about the magical world of Faenbel. From mermaids to fairies to dragons and gnomes and more, Faenbel has a vast amount of magic in Its beautiful realm.

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