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Today’s husband is yesterday’s benefactor. "Mirawadee" was betrayed by his fiancée, prompting her to flee. She still has to meet with a benefactor and follow her everywhere. Later, to survive, she had to consent to marry him. After that, she fell in love till she couldn’t stop herself. Until one day, she knew he was roughly a hundred years old. But fate has placed her right in the middle of the rank fate of this endlessly agonizing love. When the story from the past resurfaces, a mysterious spirit arrives and offers to ‘Give me your body’ to atone for the previous misdeeds she has committed!!

Romance Romantic suspense All public.

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The Bonding Love [สามีพันธกาลรัก](Ver,. English)

Author Mamaya Writer

published August 2021 (Ver., Thai)

International Standard Book Number 978-616-586-260-8

© All rights reserved according to the 1994 and 2015 Act B.E.

The article may not be modified, copied or used in part.And disseminate it in any case without permission. If violated, there is a maximum penalty prescribed by law. 1994 and 2015 Act

Published and distributed by Mamaya Book.

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