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Fame & Fortune

Fame & Fortune

People,mostly those who have never had it,dream of being like their favorite Pop or movie star icon,They see these people surrounded by glamour, wealth,"Beautiful People".. The underbelly of fame & fortune are somewhat different, Surface Fame.. Many pop or movie stars,If they are truthful,Will tell you its a "pressure cooker" with always the need to reproduce success time & again,Its the reason there are "One hit wonders" & "six month superstars" fame is fleeting for many,only a few keep reproducing it

Becoming A Commodity

Once fame or fortune are attained,the first thing that happens..are"hangers on" They stay close the which ever star, is currently "hot" mainly to bask in reflected glory,Identify with achievement,or to try & clamour financial rewards,This is the reason,So many write, (Ghost written) biographys of the famous,Elvis Presley suffered greatly from this,with "So called friends" falling over themselves to write (or rewrite" their version of events.Publishers will tell them.."Write something SENSATIONAL,to get the headlines & sell the book! Much of what comes out,can be far removed from the truth,as the "Name",of the "Star" is what really sells the book.. Write a book about "Mr Nobody" No one will buy it

Keeping Balance

One of the great hazards of the "glamour world" is at times some lose perspectives of what put them there in the first place,& succumb to the glitz glamour & party lifestyle of the jetset,completly forgetting their talent or art.These normally dont last long..Its about durability & repeating sucess,the money dosen't come for nothing,most movie stars are around three bad movies away from obscurity,& places like Hollywood are cruel & bitchy,They only like to be seen with sucessful people,,If that stops,the phone & invites go dead..Its happened to many,another facet is,"What else can you do?" IE: Write,Sing,Dance

ect,If your a self- contained then you're precieved as a "package" & thats an asset.But showbiz, is no place for the innocent or niave..its hard,tough & cruel..The smiles are as false as the illusion..Get streetwise & tough..Good advise...If you don't you'll "sink"..

Watching The Pennies

I have lost count,of the many big stars,who have been "swindled" by people they entrusted with their finances, Mostly,many big stars are very busy,with their career,on location,on tour,so money matters are entrusted to others,so temptation hapoens..And example of this,was the late John Wayne,who in the late 50's came off a string of hit movies..One day he went to the bank,& found he was almost broke,someone had "cleaned out" the money! ..This has happened to many & eventually,gaining their trust,is a difficult thing..Too many times swindled or conned..

Golddiggers R Us

Many lose huge amounts by making the wrong choices,mainly in whom they marry,the "prenuptual" is almost "de riguer" now among the famous,But its hardly romantic,a fact some use to feign indignation,about signing it,""What kind of person,do you think i am?" They will say,But there is always the underlying motive of gain....In this position,people have few real friends.Bottem line being,they can only trust those, they knew,before they became famous..Everyone has an angle on them,for career gain,for money,even to get pregnant,the idea being a "meal ticket baby" & money for life.A cynical lottery..Blackmail is commonplace mainly for a drunken or drug-fuelled "indesgretion" Many secrets are hidden...Remelber..its all about illusion,not reality..

Hangers On & Social Leeches.

One of the sadder aspects of stardom,is that quite ofteɲ,most big stars are pretty lonley people,they are grown ups,not stupid,the know how things work,So they play the "game of unreality" People who care nothing for you,just what they can leech or get,false friends,The late Britush pop star,Amy Winehouse,tragically dead at 26, had "friends" who got her drunk or stoned,once she was,they took pictures if her barfing or "out of it" & sold them to the tabliod newspapers..Most of these types will do or say anything to get money.Watch when a "celeb" dies..particulary a big star,well known,See how many books come out,after their "demise" by "best friend," driver,ex girlfriend,or whoever..using of couese a big picture,of the "Star" on the cover..The star is a well known brandname,that will sell,make money for the "author" (normally ghosted) Simple reason..The "stars" image & name sell the book..Mr or Miss Nobody..cant..Dead but still generating money,this time for the hangers in & leeches..The late rocker Carl Perkiɲs told a very sad story,that illustrates the lonliness of big stardom,Carl said..late at night a latest model car of the day,could be seen being raced & tested akong the highway..just a lone driver..nightime was his peacztime,no one around,just him & the new car he'd just bought..alone.. Fame was his prison,He couuldn't go out in daylight,it caused mayhem..That man was Elvis Presley...

Paparazzi & Privacy

The very nature of "Fame & Fortune" means na almost total loss of privacy,While at the beginning,many crave& love the attention,eventually they grow to hate it, Go to a bar? "click click click" of cameras,Got to a supermarket same thing..Build a big wall around you're home,Long range lenses,Milti- directional mics,to try & catch what your saying,Stars say little,its magnified the microscope!..

Business & Contracts

While the skills. that made them famous, mean "big bucks" Many stars are not really too business savvy,They get taken advantage of,While among them are very shrewd people,who can't discern a good business opportunity,others cannot,& go bankrupt,Because the "Stars" has money,many will come to them with totally impratical schemes of business.Finding a good lawyer & advisor becomes vital,sometimes they do,sometimes not

Conclusion: Pressure Cooker!

I knew some "Stars" way back,Just nice people with a great gift,in a certain talent, two were,big action stars,It would shock you who! Both of these suffeted nervous breakdowns,because of the all consuming pressure to succeed,I see one yet..still smiling for the cameras..The dark side of the dream.. Now..are you sure,you still want to be a "Star??


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