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The Soilder

— Once there was a soilder which had a great interest for fighting but his father want that he going to be a great bisiness man.But on the child decision his father donot had any chance.His father send hos child to his friend qhich had a masters in fighting.After 2 days he go to his fatber friend where he had a big chance to make his position high.He do too much pratice and make his dream onfornt of him and do much pratice.many years past away and he is an army soilder but at that time he was alome and his father was dead.

—By hearimg the dead of his father he was too mucjb distracted and he donot have any type of support by that he was suffering too much hesitation.He was a (pakistani soilder).By suffering from hard time he go to mosque and pray too Allah.After that he was going too suffer a war.

—The war was started and by entiring in war he prays too Allah for giving him power and help him.By the mercy of Allah he won the war.Bu winning the war this make or developed a confidence.The things which happened in past he don't want too realize this causes his confidence too lose.He wanted to start a new life by achiving his goal.

—Now he do full pratice and make himself to much resonsible.Now he had a new idea that he also want too fights for exta training.By suffering from many difficulties he make himself too much hard man that even seone hit him with the steel bat he donot had any changed experission of faces.But he alaways get help from Allah and in any types of hurdle time Allah help him.and by this he came toward his success.

you should have to wark hard too acheive goals and pray too Allah in every hardtime.

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To be continued...

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