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Prologue/Chapter 1


Sana is the student of IT (Information Technology). Or should I say she was .

She can hack every device she wants but she never try to do it because the first time she did, she was in chaos people are still searching for her but with the name of "H King".After that she never tried hacking anything saying it will disturb others.

Leo is the most handsome man if you say almost every girl drol over him but he didn't give a shit .

But his life was lacking love which he realized after meeting his destiny.


Laura is the most intelligent yet clumsy girl if you ask . She is a chess player the most feared one.

She play chess online and she never use her name but her writing pin which is "H King".

No one has ever beated her in her game and so did he.

When She find out that two of her best friends are Working or more like have been captured by the Mafia she made a plan but , she was not successful and got captured by the most feared Italian Mafia Xerver.

Xerver is the most cruel man present on Earth or that's what people say about him .

He had Never imagined that he will marry some Muslim girl who will beat his heart and him in his on games.


Julie is the third one in them. She is older in her group of besties by a year.

From the beginning she has liked investigating and from a young age she has watched every criminal movie and show she can .

In a mission, she was shooted two to three times but a Mafia billionaire saved her on some circumstances.

She didn't know that he is a Russian Mafia King so she offered to help him in his parents murder case.

Ian Xander is the most feared Russian Mafia .

Due to some circumstances he was in America and he was suppose to attend a meeting with other two Mafias.

Italian and American.

They never attended that meeting and only they know why.


Sana's POV

The way I live is very strange but to people it's good . They think that I am doing good because they see the one side of picture.

Some say thare are two sides in each and every picture but my picture has more then that.

well time will reveal.

The side which is reveal to everyone right now is that I am a very good badminton player and they think that I have my career .

I am a nineteen years old girl . I started to play at national level when I was seventeen and now I am playing as an international player.

I love badminton from the start with other things and if I am good and if I have a career in badminton then as well I have my career in other things too .

I don't tell about my other careers to any one. When I was five my parents died in an accident .My father was an investigator and he was working on a very crucial case when someone killed him and kidnapped his family. They killed his wife on the spot too but they kidnapped his two childrens.

My elder brother and I was kidnapped. My brother died saving me well this story is not to tell right now. My aunt took care of me but I never moved on.

I will take revenge for sure.

I always wanted to become a hacker .

I have been reading newspaper and listening to news daily and I am making notes . To think why? Because I want to investigate something but without telling anyone.

I am looking for something similar to my father case.

The thing I found very interesting is that there are some cases .

To me they have something in common. I am traying to find out what they have in common except the fact that these people who were found dead on different places were criminals .

Not only criminals but the most wanted one actually , they have raped many teenagers. Only teenagers the fact.

This is the only common thing I found. I still cannot find a peice to move forward or a way, a paper or even a sign.

I know no one is going to or gonna tell me about anything.

I have to find it by my self and I will.

These cases are no match with my father's one but still no way is straight.

This is may be very simple to find something else in common between them or I can find the whole mystery papers.

With these thoughts , I open my laptop and note down the location of these cases with exact time noted by the police .

I have used this technique many time when I wanted to pin point my besties location.

First I typed my secret code to access devices and every little device I wanna check.

To think what code? Every hacker has his/her code . A special ones actually.

I am not a (red hood) hacker. They are the one who hack other people computers for their own fun .

Infact , I am ( White hood ) people also call white hood the Ethical Hacker.

The one who find the problem in system and repair it. Well I have two more catogaries though.

The black hood hackers are called sucidical hackers. They also hack for fun and without removing their path . That is why they are called sucidical hackers because they can be detected with not much care .

Right know I am going to check how many networks and mobiles were active at crime sports with in the time range of twenty four hours.

So that I can hack the numbers and found their every location.

To check different location and detect a device is a bit different for me to do right know because I never tried it before after I did something horrible well forgot about that for now. I always try my best at moments like this because for those people who work with police or other forces can do this batter then me and it's easier for them to do.

These thoughts always set fire within me to try hard.

I don't want anyone to be better then me in hacking.

Hacking is my passion and my profassion.

I won't let anyone to beat me in it.

When I detect some devices like I thought there must be some . I pin point each and every.

After that I scanned it carefully and made a list .

When the list was ready I clicked the print button.

when the list started to come out from the printer I chose to make my self a cup of tea .

I walk down stairs quietly don't want to wake my family and enter the kitchen.

My home is not big or any special but because it is home not house,

It's beautiful for me .

There are four bedrooms ,one is mine, one belongs to my causin"Lucas",One belongs to aunt and uncle and the last one is for guest but that room does belong to someone.

Everyone has their bedrooms down stairs except me.

I requested my aunt for that and she agreed after checking everything for my safety.

After making my tea. I walked up to my .

I entered my room quietly and shut the door behind me. Locking my door I sit down on my chair in front of my laptop and while drinking tea I managed the paper on desk one by one and started to search .

After searching for long three hours and matching similar contacts on each location I find four contacts.

I know there must be some link between these four devices. These devices are mobiles and I can track their networks but I have to do something else before.

I mean I have to double check if I am right or not because I don't wanna disturb any one .


To comform I will check their location history.

If I found them suspicious ,I will search their calls and massenger data and then I will check their whole location from this year and may be I will be able to find out something but it will take good two days because I am lazy and to also comfirm these people I will wait for the next activation.

Right now all I have to do is to sleep because it's almost two am and if I don't sleep right now I will lose my health and I have a big match after some days of which I have to practice.

I can take some help in this by my besties.

And I am sure they will be thrilled.

With keeping the thoughts away of anything I started to think of some good fantasies or beautiful memory and I fall into a deep, deep and relaxing sleep.


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