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Drinking Water,Not Oil,is the greatest scarcity facing humanity in the latter 21st Century

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Water & Oil: A Bleak Future?

Our global resources,tend to be addressed in many ways,mainly for PR, However.our main concern,& worst problem,in the latter part of the 21st century,(Long after im dead🙂) will be not Oil,but fresh drinking water..

Much of it is already drying up,or contaminated for various reasons,But for this articles purposes,we will take the Nile River,as an example of what CAN happen..Whether is man-made or natural is debatable..The Earth experiences a "Mini Ice Age" every 200k years..But the heavily industrial twentieth Century hasn't't helped..& may have speeded it up!

The Nile,Artery Of Egypt

From.earliest antiquity,the Nile has been a constant factor in human history & existence.The ancient Pharaohs even conceived the tributary "Irrigation" canals into the desert,to make the Nile valley even more fertile,Given the current climate change,Lake Victoria,(The source of the White Nile) & Lake Ta na (The Blue Nile source) are going to be affected by the changes,both Lakes will "shrink" similar to Lake Chad currently..So by logic ,in time both Niles will dwindle in water output to the countries,for whom.they are a lifeblood..

The "Blue Nile" discharges the most amount of water,so in that,there is at least some time,to access & adapt somewhat, to the changes that will eventually come

Changes Slow & Fast

Climate change,helped along somewhat,by man,means the middle part of Earth,is drying up,Deserts grow bigger,Lakes,even some seas,get smaller.Incomes dwindle..& vegetation,much needed both for human consumption,& animal fodder,become very scarce..People in these areas face an appallingly stark choice,for themselves & their families,"Migrate Or Die" Leaving an area,and everything you ever knew,to become practically a nomad,till you can find easier living,is a daunting move for most,Its where your culture is,your values,ideals,and the home of your ancestors,An incomprehensivly difficult decision..But the changing world climate,will force this on many,particularly around the equator belt..Mass migration will not happen in one go,it will become a "trickle" leading to a stream,..From this like the water,flows a great many problems,The gigantic step is trying to placate eventually,whole emigrating or migrating countries..humanity of the move can cause Chaos,so plans need to be put in place for that..

South America

Later in the century,as things become more pronounced,People are going to,by nessessity,start to migrate,They're not going to sit there & let their families die of thirst,or starvation,So they will start to migrate North..

In South America,South,towards southern Argentina & Chile,where drinking water is more plentiful,People from further north nearer the equator in South America,are not going to sit around & die of thirst,they will move..Countries like Brazil,have huge populations,on the Continent,so humanitarian chaos could very well ensue,because of desperate demand..

Europe & Asia

In Europe & Asia, people will migrate into areas,like Russia,,or anywhere the cooler climate brings water,Europe,will have a major headache on its hands,Countries like Iceland,The Scandanavian Countries,North Eastern & Western Europe,will all face a huge migration problem.This is going to cause mayhem & conflict,..Article waters feed the Nordic countries,so much so,that drinking water hasn't' even been thought of as an issue..But it will become both a Political & Ecological "hot potato" in the ensuing decades of the 21st Century..Iceland also a country with huge freshwater resource,will face likewise problems..Russia will have vast areas of new resource rich farmland,by then,as the tundra will have melted,and the "permafrost" will have evaporated into the clouds..Many of Russia's rivers,are already polluted,the result of old factories and chemical discharge into rivers like the Ob" Some of these may take a long time,to become "drinkable" again,but for every "Ob" Russia has a hundred more rivers that arn't.Careful ecological management should ensure these will one again become "viable" with fish & other foods that help sustain human life..The Caspian Sea has already shrank considerably,& the Aral Sea (In fact a large lake) has shrank awfully..

North America & Canada

Much the same problem that will affect

the European Nordic countries,will apply in like measure to the United States & Canada,Canada,probably more so,As the ice melts around Hudson bay,& the Yukon,vast amounts of fresh water combined with the changing climate,will make the terrain warmer & more fertile,MostCanadians live in a "strip" close to the US bordet,because of the artic conditions further north..Again,that will change..For the United States expect to see even more immigration,from Mexico & Central America,They will spread out to the northern border states like Washington,Montana,or where ever there is sustainable farmland..Again conflict will probably happen..

The countries WITH water,won't welcome those who need it,there may be wars,& great social upheavel,No one can blame anyone for migrating from dry arid areas,that can neither grow food or provide water,However,human nature being what is is,Conflict will probably happen.Its a sad fact of human nature,But for survivals sake,accommodation is going to have to be eventually reached..

As the world population continues to grow,unabated,The demand for more energy,will become vital & with it again,the demand for water..Desalination,both by the Arabic nations & elsewhere will provide only a partial solution,although China is doubling & tripling its desalination plants,as we speak..We can live without oil,buu we can't live without water ,Dithering on the issue now,will increase the mayhem later,The lifestyles & mode of living will be affected by in,All walks of life will be influenced..

Drinking Water & Big Business..

Expect the greedy to try & exploit these scarce commodities for gain,Probably even now,many "businesses" with have a plan to "exploit" something like "bottled water" Where these is need.& high demand,businesses "hike" the prices up..Speculators,even at this time,are very probably "investing" in water companies,with the "projection" of huge profits in later decades.For me,personally,I find this evil & immoral..but many have no conscience..just gain at EVERYONES expense


One of the most tangible visible effects of what may come,is the global flooding many countries are experiencing.As the climate warms,our mountain peaks melt,so with that comes widespread flooding,Countries like Bangladesh,already prone to flooding g,may experience even worse effects,as will any countries within proximity of mountains,IE Andes,Alps,Hindu Kush,ectSomthing that cannot be avoided...This is a vital global problem,that MUST be dealt with.Humanitys "penchant" for "putting off problems today" Is irresponsable,& because they are ,It paints a bleak picture for the future..But its a nightmare we or our descendants..need to prepare & be aware of..That way maybe just maybe.we can manage it better.


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