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"I have seen many people fall in front of me. this is the first time i fell in front of others. Nothing special, just a little sleepy" after saying that he closed his eyes and smiled, a happy smile. They were completely different from each other. She was the light and he was the darkness, He was her lighthouse dressed like nightmare and she was his little sun ray in his dark world. As the beast he was, he never learned to use his arctic heart, and when he felt the feeling that was totally new to him. He didn't want to let go. Meeting each other was a mistake, but falling in love with each other was inevitable.

Fantasy Epic Not for children under 13.

#love #death #killing #lies #hate #sad-love #abandonment #heart-touching
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Kai’s P.O.V

Here I was standing covered in blood, surrounded by dead bodies, panting. This gang exhausted me, even though they weren’t that skilled they were many.

And now the only one who was left was their boss who is also panting in pain from his legs that I just cut off.

“Well, well, well! “ I heard a familiar voice behind me. I turned around to find James coming forward clapping his hands smirking as he watched the tribe's leader struggle in pain.

"Jax, my friend. how does it feel like to be at the bottom in one night?" he asked walking towards him.

"What a pity, to have everything but still die like this." he bend down to his level to look him in the eyes.

"Do you know why?" he continued. "It is because you were born a loser, no matter how much money you owned it didn't change that fact. Thus you must die like on. you are just a little, worthless, ugly loser."

He looked up in pain and spit in his face. then he laughed coldly"Atleast am not some piece of shit like you, that isn't capable of anything. A coward who can't face his enemies on his own, always hiding behind your mother's dress" he laughed maniacally.

this made James really furious, he immediately pull out his sword and cut off his head.

* * * *

I entered the warehouse and made my way to his office. After finishing off Jax and his tribe, we parted ways. i had to stop by some place to kill some 'insolent brats' as James calls them. so now am on my way to his office to tell him that am done for today.

i pushed the door open and made my way inside. i found him sitting in his office chair facing the window looking outside.

"Hey! James am done for the day." i informed him. he turned to face me and shook his head.

"not yet, I have another mission for you"he said with an evil grin on his face. "and this one is different from others, you must bring back something for me. Someone must I say. And I assure you. you won't be disappointed" he smirked.

I sighed and nodded my head. this wasn't new, he must want me to go fetch some princess to use to his heart's content.

But somehow, this time something was wrong. Deep down inside me something was not right, I was somehow nervous. But i don't know why.

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