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yes love is cruel, but life its self is a monster... if the beautiful fairy tale love story is mix toxic family culture, can be your greatest nightmare

Drama For over 18 only.

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[ang mga bagay pangalan ng mga character, bagay, lugar at pangyayari... sa istoryang ito ay likha lamang ng makulit na imahenasyon ng may akda... kung kaya't hindi ito nag tutukoy sa totong buhay

kung meron man ay sadya aksidente lamang at pasenya]

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alexandrea blair villaruel

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what if... you meet a three jerks and your distined to be the bride of one of those three

a playboy

a badboy

a childish

personality pa lang nakakainis na eh pano pa kaya kung titira kayo sa iisang bubong

not one...

not two...

but three jerks

and you.. you love somebody else who didn't belong in the group of those jerks...

how will you handle it...

or how will the world turns up side down between you, the person, you love and those 3 jerks


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