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A bartender named Gavin needs to survive a zombie out break, will he survive.

Horror Zombie horror All public. © ©jasondunn2021

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Chapter 3 : Gavin

Scrambling along the alleyway, Gavin drinks his whisky sculling back the bottle making his way to the end of the wall, station himself back at his homemade out of cardboard; Gavin places his hand on the wall turning around as he leaned against it sliding' down as Gavin takes more sips off of the bottle.

Sitting there mumbling to himself, staring at the bottle, Gavin talked to it. Suddenly hearing a disturbance at the top of the alleyway' Gavin glanced in the distance, spotting figures walking past, squinching his eyes watching the statistics. A light on the wall started to blink; a zombie stop turns to notice the flicker as it walked over towards the light; Gavin watched as he rambled, " don't you come here, go away - cursing and mumbling to himself.

Other zombies appeared around the light when Gavin struggled to get to his feet and took a few steps forward, drinking his bottle,

Yelling out, Gavin abused and told them to go away, but the zombies heard him, turning to notice him, then scuffled along, heading down the alleyway.

Gavin yelled and shouted as they got closer, reacting, throwing the bottle towards them as it smashed on the pavement, " Shit, Goddamit, Gavin replied. The zombies wailed, making it down the alleyway; Gavin screamed out, "Go away; when one zombie came into the light, realising something looked wrong, Gavin asked ", you look like shit; the zombie reached out to grab Gavin, reacting quickly, Gavin stepped back when another zombie came from behind holding him, freaking out, Gavin turned in fright as the zombie tore at his left ear, tearing it off, screaming out loud, Gavin tried to fight off the zombie, but another one came reaching out, grabbing Gavin as it bites down on his neck eating his flesh,

more join in, pulling him to the ground as the sound of his screaming echoed through the alleyway.

Zombies scattered throughout the town when the rain drizzled down.

to be continued

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To be continued... New chapter Every 2 days.

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