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These are collections of poems written by me especially which touches the spirituality, Philosophy, Nature, Human understanding, Religion, Politics as also humour.

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No God? O My God?!!!

Either you pray or either worship,

To get rid of pain, misery & hardship.

All your effort shall must go in vain,

Your problems be there & you be in pain.

Can you grow Mango on a berry tree?

By bowing to God and asking for glee?

Certainly a prayer, not fetch a result,

Unless work hard increase your pulse.

Your action decide, your future indeed,

Not prayer important, your action & deed.

Then Why to bother , why to complain,

God is your creation you given the name.

He neither can grant a prayer or boon.

Because he exists like bright day moon.

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Rebecca Wright Rebecca Wright
Beautifully written!
December 15, 2021, 13:21

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