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Little did I know

"Well hello there", was the beginning of a conversation that Belle never thought would prolong. Belle loves her boyfriend dearly but this Anthony gave her a different feeling, which she tried to ignore. They've been friends for a few weeks, until Belle's beloved boyfriend Jay started to abuse her.

Belle's crush always get into his feelings whenever Jay said something bad about her. That causes Belle's feelings for him to grow. But Anthony also had an abusive girlfriend, who he wanted to get rid of so badly. Not much longer Anthony started to ask Belle to be his new girlfriend. Belle always turned him down but he refuses to give up. While talking with her on the phone Anthony always tell her to think about it which Belle never did. Belle and Anthony both wanted to escape their toxic relationship, but Belle still wanted to play stubborn.

Finally Belle thought that Anthony met the criteria to be her new boyfriend. Belle though that she'd been better since they start communicating and there had been more laughter and fun in her life. Belle was asked over by Anthony which left her puzzled. She was wondering if she should go or turned him down. Fortunately she did not turned him down. The initial plan was that they'll spend a week together. That week turns into weeks, then months.

Now that turns out to be the best decisions for both of them. Both are happy and living a good life.

(to be continued)

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To be continued...

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