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This involves information about me,and how my life is now i may mention my past a little bit though

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Hi,my name is McKenzie and I'm going to tell you things about me.I’m a thirteen year old girl,living in Hesperia,Michigan,a small town to me.I live with my parents,little brother,and our dog Luna.We live in a house with three bedrooms,one bathroom,an art room,a kitchen,a living room,and basement.The art room and my bedroom are upstairs,my brothers and parents bedrooms are next to the bathroom.

I’m bisexual,polyamory,and posibly non-binary.If you don’t know what those are let me explain.Polyamory is when you love multiple people but they don’t have to love each other just because they love the same person.Bisexual is when you love guys and girls.Non-binary is when you aren’t a girl or boy.I have only told my parents that im bi,not poly or non-binary...

I still have to tell my boyfriend that im poly and feel non-binary.I hope he won’t hate me…Nickoli and I were on the phone last night for almost two hours.I didn't want to hang up even if I was tired.But we had to hang up cause he had a busy day ahead of him.God i fucking love him so much,i might be a yandere but who knows. My ex said i was a yandere cause i said i would kill anyone who tried to take him from me and now i have someone else that i love i no longer love Aiden.

But i do love Nickoli and Simp-Chan,even tho im having issues telling Nickoli that im poly.I’m afraid that I will unintentionally hurt Nickoli,just one wrong thing said and I could hurt him...He also said that he was gonna take me on a date,and i don't know what to do about it.He called me honey lollipop earlier it was kinda funny.

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