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I know it's strange that I a parallel universe part bee, part human entity should contact my human cousin of sorts. So through the void I came smashing into this parallel earth. I have come into the life of one Mark Hamilton a thirty something sound engineer. He hits me with a tea towel and knocks me down. Captured keeps me in isolation in a box with glass walls, I can't escape and my only want is that he understands the sound I'm making. Two days I have waited since coming through the void, the wasp's won't be far behind.

Finally he comes maybe to talk, I recognise that thing he brings with him, we also use these to hear the sounds of things.

That's it cousin place it on the top now I will buzz my wings and make the sounds you know as vocal.

There I buzz the word HELP read your instruments see I call you to help.

It has worked I can read that human expression you have recognise the word from your sound play back, hurry record me again.

Please don't use that magnifying glass yet, my appearance might disturb you enough just to squash me dead, a fate neither I or your kind can afford.

The wasps how long before they appear I'm but a small speck shrunken from my normal stature, they will be full size killing machines.

Please hurry yes you are recording again, there I'm buzzing, Save me so I can tell you about the parallel universe I have come from help me.

That expression he realises what this means.

He is placing a talking device on the box at last we talk.

He speaks he says "can you hear me I'm not going mad am I".

I reply " no I need to shut the void".

He says "void", I say "yes", I say "I need to expand to my proper size".

Hesitation I see it straight away.

He says "will I be OK", I say "will I".

He opens the lid out I fly.

He steps back trying to give me room.

I expand, oh the fear in his eyes,

Imagine a bee like me a hairy head, antenna, sharp serrated jaws, compound eyes with a thousand human eyes able to see everything.

Then he can see the human arms and legs black hair protruding,

My wings start buzzing it's too much, he passes out.

"No" I buzz, noise is vibrating round the office, wind is making all the paper fly its flying everywhere.

Then through the void come the wasps six feet tall they attack me.

They gnash at me with their jaws I kick chairs in there way they try and sting me I rise off the floor they miss.

They move to kill the human I buzz" human get up", he moves jumps to his feet and runs into the other room.

They turn back to me and attack I think I will end my life here between two worlds but the human comes screaming from the kitchen two sharp instruments in each hand,like a mad man slashing and stabbing at the wasps I stand amazed and watch as they fall dead on the floor.

This poor human, Exhausted pulls up a chair and slumps into it.

The room indeed all the office wrecked, wallpaper clawed by the wasps hanging, wooden fixtures gauged, broken cups are everywhere.

I still need to shut the void temporarily and I needed help in doing so.

The human seemed to sense what I was thinking, he got from his chair went to the room he had run to earlier returned with the sound amplifier.

We talked quickly, me instructing him how to join minds to shut the void which we did, he looked for a change a porthole closing but it did not happen that way, there was just silence.

I explained the situation on the alternate earth, told him how the wasps had migrated from the human side of XZENA.

How these humans not to be confused with his kind,

they were similar in thought and deed but looked like stick insects.

He ask me what help he could give and I told him that to hold back the wasps and send a message to his not so human cousins I would need certain items.

The item list read: Cockroaches

Bamboo, Glue, and aphids.

He asked me how they would help.

The Cockroaches will infest the wasps and semi-human hives and homes the bamboo will hold both these species back the aphids will supply my kind with a sweet nectar we cannot get.

"The glue" he asked, for constructing stronger battlements.

Within a few hours he managed to get all the supplies. We reopened the void again I thanked him promised to return one day. I said he will be amazed by the site of XZENA the name of parallel earth , then I was gone.

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The End

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