ivy-valerie Ivy Valerie

So your dead?You were probably expecting the bright kingdoms of heaven or reincarnation.But all you'll find is a train turns out we were both wrong.But where will it lead you

Thriller/Mystery Not for children under 13.

#personality #belonging #outcast #afterlife #depression #life #suicide #love
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Chapter 1

Christianity and Islam believe that when we die we go to heaven and if your good if your bad you rot in hell.

I believed these too until now being on the other side where my journey starts at a train station.

Where the judge of your destiny is your personality.What you stood for.

You know what that means that all of us were wrong.Join my journey into the after life.

Oct. 2, 2021, 8:18 p.m. 1 Report Embed Follow story
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DW Dennis Waweru
The concept about the afterlife being a train ride is new and fresh....i like it😌😌
3 weeks ago

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