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This story is about the girl whose mother contracts with demon and then her daughter is chosen to be the princess of vampire world.

Fantasy Dark Fantasy Not for children under 13.

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Chapter 1.1: The Night I Met The Mysterious Man

I am Victoria. I am a young 18 years old girl living in a beautiful city of Amsterdam in Netherlands. I am a Biology student in grade 10th. I live with my mother and a best friend Amie. We are just three people but happy to be a family. Me and my best friend are classmates. We spend our time together at school helping each other and having fun with each other. I also love the way she loves and take care of my mother.

Tonight we were going to be hanging out with my mother for shopping. We went to the well known shopping Mall of our city named Winkelcentrum Plein 40'-45'. We were so hungry after shopping. So we decided to to have a meal and headed to the food court. I ordered plenty of delicious food. I went to the table and sat down where my mother and bestie were sitting thereafter ordering the food, when my phone vibrated. I checked my phone and saw that there was a text from some unfamiliar number saying "MEET YOU TONIGHT". I was a little freaked out so I decided to block the number and ignore the message without telling my mom and best friend about it. We had a great time having plenty of conversation while having our meal which distracted me from thinking about the that creepy message which I received a while ago. Then we felt so tired and went back home.

We reached our home when it was nearly mid night. So I just came to my room and changed into my night clothes. I laid down on my bed feeling so tired that I drifted to sleep when I heard a loud knock on my door. I woke up feeling dizziness and walked to the door to check if my mom or best friend wanted anything. I opened the door but there was no one so I shut the door thinking that maybe it was just my imagination and went to the bed. My eyes were getting shut and vision was getting blurry when a bright spot appeared at the corner of my room. A tall and charming man emerged from the spot. He approached my bed and I passed out for a while.

When I became conscious, I was in a king-sized bedroom decorated with royal antique style furniture and decoration pieces. I was laying down on an imperial, Gorgeously carved and soft bed with bed-linen made of dull-golden silk. I decided to explore the bedroom and the restroom. So I started with a restroom. The restroom was beautiful. It also had temperature controlling system. It had high quality ceramic gold sink with shiny copper faucets. It had a huge and luxurious master-sized bath-tub made with elegant white marble. There were beautiful golden shiffon curtains hanging in the bathing corner with soap and candles fragnanced with lilly and woodland. When I came out from the restroom, I started exploring the bedroom. There a beautiful vampire carriage antique, placed on the shelf above the fireplace, caught my eye. It was made of bronze. I wanted to see it closely so I picked it up from the shelf. It was made beautifully and I could see that the artist who made it was great skilled person.

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