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This story is about who has newly shifted to a house with her family. She experience many strange things there. She tells her parents about everything but no one believes her. But later on, The incident which happened with the girls lead her parents to believe everything she says.

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Basement Terrors

Growing up,I lived with my parents and younger brothers in three-story house. There was the main level; the upstairs,where our bedrooms were ,and the basement that we mostly just used for storage. The basement was unfinished and there were lots of spiders and other bugs down there which used to creep us siblings out.

One day, I started noticing some strange things that made me feel a little bit unsafe although the area was in great location with little bit of crimes. I would go to my room and would discover that things were out of their places to small extents even though nobody in my family had been in my room. We also didn't have any pets at that time. There were small things but still enough to creep me out.

One day, I noticed that the blanket which I had carefully folded and placed on my bed before school, was scrumpled up on the ground. Then there was the time when my hair brush was laying on the couch when I was sure I had left it on my dressing table. One time my necklace went missing. I told my parents about these things but they just ignored it and told me that it was just my imagination. They were so busy to notice even when their own things were not in their place. A part of me wondered if someone else was living in my house as much as I tried to shake the creepy feeling.

A few months went by and I hadn't noticed anything else that seemed off so I began to feel more relaxed. Maybe It was just my imagination.

One Saturday, my parents had to take my brothers to their baseball game. It was going to be a hot long sunny day. I asked my parents if I could stay home alone and after some convincing they agreed. I was thrilled. I could watch television without fighting my brothers for the remote. Maybe, I was into a movie for an hour when all of a sudden I thought that I heard voices which were coming from the basement. They were hushed and I couldn't hear properly that what we're they saying. There was a television down there that my dad would watch every once in a while. Had he forgotten to turn it off? I thought to myself. When the voices started to get nearer, I began to feel a sudden overwhelming fear. They were coming upstairs to main level. I raced from the living room upstairs to my bedroom as quietly as I could. I shut and locked the door behind me, and pressed my ear to the wall to see what I could hear. There were at least two people, a man and a woman. I could hear them rummaging about in our kitchen and even heard a toilet flush. They must have heard my parents car leaving the garage and assumed the house was now empty. My heart was pounding. What if they decided to come upstairs and go into my room? If they realized that I was here, would I be in danger?

I didn't own a cell phone but I remembered that there was a landline in my parents room. Could I get there without being seen or heard. I decided to take my chance and go for it. I could hear the intruders continuing their conversation downstairs so they didn't seem to hear me. I ran into my parents bedroom and shut the door as quietly as I could, and shut the door. But then I realized the lock that the lock of the door was broken. If the intruders wanted to came in, nothing was stopping them. I grabbed their phone from their bedside table and crawled under their bed and dialled (9-1-1). In a hush voice, I explained to the operator about situation. She assured me that the police were on their way but that I needed to be as quiet as possible and remain on the line. Time seemed to be running slowly. Shouldn't I be hearing sirens by now?Then the worst happened. I heard the bedroom door swing open and the intruders walked into the room. I held my breath and prayed that they wouldn't look under the bed from where I was hiding. I could see a man who I didn't recognized.

I saw that he was swiping some loose change from my dad's dresser before opening up his desk and going through it. He found an old watch that he pocketed. The female intruder had found my mom's Jewellery box and was going through it. Just then there was a loud knock on the front door and the intruders darted our of the room. What followed was a loud bang that I assumed was the door getting kicked down. There were shouting and sound of scuffle. Once It was quite, I made my way downstairs and was greeted by a police officer and my family who had been contacted after I dialled (9-1-1). The officers informed us that the two intruders were homeless and had been living in the small space of our basement for nearly a year. They had been slowly stealing our belongings over time, taking only one item a day so we wouldn't notice. My parents never doubted me again after this incident.

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Valerie Trix Valerie Trix
Yikesss if I had someone living in my house without me knowing I would FREAK OUT.
September 25, 2021, 19:58

  • Amelia Grac3 Amelia Grac3
    Thanks for this support September 25, 2021, 20:24
  • Amelia Grac3 Amelia Grac3
    Forgot to tell you that I will be writing part 2 soon . So stay tuned. September 25, 2021, 20:32

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