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* A year after the events of “The Retribution Game” * An enemy from the past is been plotting payback. Andy Jäger isn’t the loving person he made everyone believe he was. Davina Saxe’s world crumbles and her best friend, the person she needs the most is stuck in another country arranging his divorce leaving her completely alone against a powerful and resentful man. Once divorced, Owen plans to confess the strong feelings he holds for Davina, feelings he forced himself to hide for years. Will the people that worked together to break a heart ever be couple material? (Operation Heartbreak book two)

Romance Contemporary For over 21 (adults) only. © Felicia Evreux

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Note: This is a continuation. In order to be able to follow the story you have to read "The Retribution Game" first.


– Now it’s official – Davina commented –. I’m moving out

– Really? How disappointing, I thought he was the right one for you

– I did too but it appears he’s more comfortable with that model – she sighed –. Sex was good but I think we never shared something real

– I didn’t need to know the sex part

– Well, it was your invention after all

– Back then I thought it was a good idea – Owen replied offended

– I know – she sighed –. Andreas really did seem like the perfect man

– He managed to fool all of us

– Yea, I don’t even understand how he did it

– And what are you going to do, stay in Munich?

– I don’t know, I’m conflicted – pause –. Dad is been telling me that he’s feeling homesick and wants to go back to dear Bulgaria but the thing is that I intend to start a new business and I want to go back to London because I think there will be more possibilities of success than in Sofia

– I agree

– And then I thought of going to Switzerland with you, but I don’t think that it’s a good idea – she mentioned –. You know, because Nicole hates my stinking guts and if she sees me I bet she’ll try harder to keep the kids all to herself

– She still thinks I cheated on her with you

– Then I guess that’s not a good idea

– Let’s not test my luck, I want to share the custody

– I could prove that she’s not suitable to take care of the boys if you want – she offered –. Her reason to despise me is completely irrational and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it

– She’s got pretty good convincing skills, I don’t dare to doubt that her lawyer will believe what she says

– But there’s no proof

– You don’t know, she’s mad

– If she thinks that I’ve slept with you, I agree she’s mental – she stated –. We’re like brother and sister, period

– Curiously, I have been thinking lately that what bothers her the most is our grade of complicity

– That’s because I’m glad you’re getting a divorce

– I didn’t want it to end this way but you know, she asked for it

– Yea – she nodded though Owen couldn’t see her –. I’m heading to the apartment, I’ll try to get some things out. Can I call you back later?

– Sure, good luck

– Thanks, I think I’ll need it

Davina walked into the empty apartment and sighed.

She didn’t understand how her relationship with Andy changed so much in a year.

Sometimes she found herself thinking about what happened between them, she wondered if things would’ve been different if they stayed in London but there was no way to know, and that was a shame.

– V – she heard behind her and turned to find Marius

– Hey, I thought you wouldn’t make it

– I thought so too but the person I had the meeting with cancelled so here you have me

He looked at Davina and could notice that her trying-to-be-tough armour fell for a minute thanks to the tear that was in her cheek, then she got rid of it with the back of her hand, and just like that her armour was back on. He managed to not comment about his old friend, but it was obvious to him that she was still hurting.

– Thanks, I really could use some extra hands

– Leon is coming with the moving truck

– That’s great – she tried to smile –. Then let’s get started, I still have some clothes here

Davina walked to the bedroom she once shared with Andy, Marius following close.

She kept holding back the tears as she looked at her half-full part of the closet and Andy’s full closet in the opposite wall. He was probably in a luxury hotel with his new girlfriend only coming to the apartment to grab some clothes and then go back to her. He was probably set to bring his new and stunning girl to live here with him after the ex takes her stuff out.

– Are you okay? – Marius looked at her concerned, scolding himself mentally for that stupid question, saying she was sad was an understatement, putting a hand on her shoulder. Davina shook her head, he grimaced and put his arms around her

Davina sobbed in his chest, her tears streaming down slightly wetting his shirt. Marius caressed her hair slowly hoping that she feels better after this little breakdown.

Marius understood perfectly that she was this sensitive, the breakup was way too recent. It was a year and though the way their relationship started wasn’t usual at all, what they had still seemed strong. That’s why he could understand that she was in pain.

The trying-to-be-tough armour that Davina was wearing fell completely this time.

Leon, who was walking in the closet knew her so well that he noticed at once that Davina didn’t want her relationship to end, she didn’t even know what changed between her and Andy. The fact that Andy left her to be with someone else made her feel miserable. Marius looked up at Leon and grimaced as he kept caressing Davina’s hair.

– Hello V

Davina, who seemed to be sunk in her thoughts jumped a little used to the previous silence and then looked up.

She pulled away from Marius and went to hug Leon.

– Hey, when did you get here? – All of a sudden, she felt embarrassed

– Just a couple of minutes ago, I was looking for you guys – he kept caressing her back –. Shall we begin with your closet? – He questioned after a moment, wanting to leave this episode behind

– Yes – she pulled away trying to dry her cheeks with the back of her hand tapping carefully –. Okay, it was just a moment of weakness. Let’s get started!

With the help of Marius and Leon, Davina managed to get the rest of her clothes and shoes out and she took them to her hotel room while the males took the paintings, décor, and furniture Davina bought to the apartment she wanted to furnish to then rent.

Once Davina made sure that all her belongings were out, she left the key in the reception so the person in charge could give it to Andy when he gets back, she didn’t want to see him or talk to him. She wouldn’t be able to take it if she saw him again. Their relationship was all over and it killed her.

Marius and Leon decided to join her and when she turned to face them they could see that she was trying not to cry.

Marius couldn’t help but look down at this sight.

Davina went to take a nap while Marius and Leon stayed in the suite’s living room.

– What’s up? – Owen answered Marius’ call

– We just came back from Andy’s apartment

– And how is she? – Marius heard Owen’s question and went to the balcony while Leon was calling room service so Davina could eat something after waking up

– I’m not going to lie, mate – Marius trailed off –. She was trying not to cry all the time and it was painful to watch, she did explode twice and it wasn’t cute

– I can imagine, she has always been pretty susceptible to tears – Owen recognized

– But I have to admit it was pretty funny how Andy’s place ended up half-empty

– Yea well, the asshole deserves it and Davina pretty much bought all the bloody furniture

– As we were talking it all out, she was trying so hard to be neutral

– Damn, I wish I could be there

– Or at least that she could go see you

– It won’t be good for the case, even if I say that Davina and I are just friends, I bet Nicole’s got tons of theories and memories to make the judge think otherwise and believe that I cheated

– But she needs you. Isn’t there a way to rush the case?

– I don’t think so, there’s a lot to share and we have to get to many agreements because of the kids but I’ll try to call regularly – pause –. She’ll be fine once she moves back to London, she’ll be busy with her new business

– I truly hope so, because she does not deserve to be this way

Owen finished the call and ran his hands across his face and hair, feeling the worst human alive.

He didn’t know if he was being narcissistic or if he really had a reasonable explanation to feel this way but he thought that Davina’s depression was his fault.

He made Davina help him with his revenge against Max, he made Davina give her virginity to a tosspot that didn’t deserve it, he used his best friend for a war that had nothing to do with her. And the worst thing about it is that he never told her that he was sorry. Right then, he didn’t even care about what she felt, he was so blinded by the idea of hurting Max he simply minimized her pain.

Owen felt responsible for throwing her right into Andy’s arms and also for the failure of their relationship, he should’ve known that Andy wasn’t going to worship Davina, he should’ve seen the signs.

He couldn’t help but feel frustrated, he couldn’t hook his best friend up with a good man.

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