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Two brothers and forced into fighting for their nation. Will they never reach home, or will they become legends?

Post-apocalyptic All public.

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It was another day in our land, Zataraxia. I've only witnessed the weak Zataraxia. Not the Zataraxia that saved the six great nations by driving away a foreign army. Not the great Zataraxia. Not the Zataraxia of old. Today, Zataraxia is a barren, muddy, rocky land. Neigbors of Zataraxia, the nation of Perlshaw, the weakest nation, had launched a surprise attack on Zataraxia in an attempt to gain power. Zataraxia did not expect this, and most of their army fell to the Perls. Maybe they didn't kill all the best warriors, because two warriors, rising from a small broken cabin, became one of the greatest legends of the entirety of the six great nations.

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L: Lau :)
wow, i love your story, it doesnt saaak < 3
September 17, 2021, 17:36

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