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This story is about two girls like always, one is good and the other is bad but here the good one couldn't be perfect as an angel and the bad one got luckily saved from turning into most evil. Every human have some dirt and goodness in them . But what matters is how they are now? Perfect or Imperfect?

Thriller/Mystery All public.

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Chapter 1

Imperfect Sides

“ A single stain can affect the whole thing.’’…. These bitter yet truthful words were uttered from Alya’s mouth.

Alya Nur, a Malaysian Muslimah who lives in South Korea with her siblings: Maya Lim & Daud Lim.
She has her angelic beauty, black round eyes with raven straight hair and the most thing she liked about herself were her perfect eyebrows and dimples below her soft pink lips. She was the adopted daughter of Hwang Lim, owner of a large exporting company.

[Flashback] Ten years before:

“I am sorry for your loss, may God bless them with heaven.’’ Amirah hugged the ten-year-old Alya who was crying due to her parent's loss.

After the funeral, people started leaving and soon enough all the cars in the driveway cleared out. Only her next to neighbor Amirah stayed with her. Alya was heartbroken until Amirah offered to move to Korea with her.

. . .

One year was passed by and it was Alya’s fourteenth birthday! She was getting dressed up while Amirah was settling the arrangements. The doorbell started ringing announcing the arrival of guests, and Alya was still locked in her room looking at the mirror beautifying her perfection.

A little while later:
As soon as she stepped out of the room, all gazes were on her.
Amirah gasped in amazement, Alya thought maybe her make-up ruined as she feared since it was her first time applying all the beauty hocus-pocus. referring to make-up.

“Is everything all right, Mirah ?’’ Alya calls her Mirah instead of Amirah like can’t she pronounce the ‘A’.
“You look astonishingly beautiful!’’ Amirah complimented looking her from up to down with eyes wide open.

Alya smiled in return as they all made their way to the dining room.

She was wearing a mystic bronze-coloured long dress, on its hem, a few complicated patterns of silver ornaments environed up through the waist.

Everybody started singing ‘Happy Birthday’. The only reason Alya didn't like celebrating birthdays were these specific embarrassing moments, this year she didn't wanted a party but Amirah forced her into this drama nonsense. She kept playing with her hair locks until the song ended, it was only like a minute long but to her, it seemed an hour.

After the cake, Amirah led the guests to the living room where the presents were kept.
The first gift Alya opened was from her best friend and sister to be ‘Maya Lim’!
Actually, it was decided that after three years Amirah will go back to Malaysia back to her family since her project in Korea will be finished by then. And leave Alya to Hwang Lim who was willing to adopt her since Maya will need someone trustworthy after the inheritance and to run the company.
So decidedly Alya had already accepted to this.
Who would not want a best friend like a sister but maybe fate has decided something else!

Nobody knows that what they are destined for and what's in store for them down the road. But we always should try to do the ‘right thing’ because it's our choices that make us who we are. And the ones who follow the right path whether it be a Muslim or a non-Muslim they end up being the happiest person ever. The journey for Maya and Alya seems tough due to the circumstances they will face as sisters. Their imperfect journey starts after three years but now let them enjoy their last years of a happy life!

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