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Owen Bleck is the heir of an automobile company, which only thinks about fun and has a Drift racing team as a hobby, he finds himself stuck when his driver has an accident and needs to find a replacement. Sent to Brazil for business by his father, the 34-year-old knows a rather peculiar and extremely crazy mechanic. In addition to seeing himself bewitched by the blonde with blue eyes all smeared with grease, he also finds himself enchanted after losing a race to her. His muse has more in common with him than he would like. Officially Registered Work. ©B.M.Santos, 2021 - All rights reserved.

Romance Contemporary For over 18 only.
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Anyway, Friday... I can finally get away from the routine, forget a little about the problems that cause me migraines so much and go to my hiding place where I can calm down. After another turbulent week like many others. Meetings, organizing new races, cost issues, etc. All this shit. I take a deep breath as I walk out of the elevator.

Walk towards the building exit. I look at the watch on my wrist, it's 6:40. In time for a good shower. At least that.

The white shirt is about to stick to my body with sweat, even in a cold place my body is hot and the emotion only gets worse. New York is not my favorite place in the world, but being single and being away from my dad is already synonymous with peace.

For months, the old man pestered me with the subject of marriages and heirs, my mother's fault. My age gives me away, I was already sure that at 30 I would start with this shitty subject.

I have nothing against getting married, it would be interesting... "If I had found someone interesting, obviously." I've had several opportunities and almost always with the same subjects. It became more of a job interview than a conversation.

"Where are you from"

"What do you do"

"Graduated when"

And after they find out who I am, it gets worse...

"It must be the best life ever"

"I couldn't take all this pressure"

"You never thought of having a family"

"It's bad to be lonely.

I know this is part of the process of getting to know the person better, but you feel forced. In a conversation that flows naturally, you talk about unnecessary things because you just enjoyed talking to that person.

Look... It gets tired... I left restaurants with a pounding head. I didn't complain, because I wanted to see who I was really dealing with.

I was always wondering how it didn't dry out their throats.

But I had to pay attention, or my favorite part wouldn't make it. At least I was rewarded with a good fuck.

My mailbox is full and I sometimes need to change my SIM card to get peace.

I dated a few and it was always the same thing, I just liked traveling to places I was completely bored with, for example, beaches... I don't like the beach, this part is boring, unless it's deserted. They always spent on everything they saw.

Okay, pleasing the princess was the key to having good sex, the problem was... They hated racing and they hated driving with me, I know women love cars, but I have quirky tastes. My car runs at 200 an hour and sometimes I liked to run a little bit. When they weren't screaming, she was crying, when it wasn't any of them, they got sick and asked to stop the car.

I gave up. Some friends were better. Beer, cars and women on weekends. That's what I started to do and where I'm going now.

I walk to the SUV that's waiting for me. I don't like limo, too flashy.

— Where, Mr. Bleck?

— To my apartment, William. — I say as I enter and close the door, I feel the black car start to move. I pull my cell phone out of my sports dress pants pocket. A ton of messages. Most… Women wanting to be eaten again.

I have a certain sex addiction though... I wanted one in particular, someone who could rip all my energy and make me sweat, no one has achieved that feat so far. After seeing some breasts and several ass I go to Oliver's message. An old friend, together we manage the events of the Fountain of Desires. A place for luxury cars and everything for pleasure.

He wants to know if I'm going there today.

I respond with a "Yes" and arrive in 1 hour.

Finally I arrive at the condo. I get out of the car and run to the elevator. The blood is already boiling with anxiety and excitement.

I take a shower and wear jeans and a black jacket. I go downstairs and go straight to the garage.

All I want today is to become an animal behind the wheel and inside a very hot pussy.

I drive the dark blue Bugatti through town. Emotion always dominates me when I pilot this monster.

I love this bum life.

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