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A girl slept with her boss to save her mother but the boss couldn't forget her.

Romance Young Adult Romance Not for children under 13.

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Tracy and Jocab's life before meeting.

Tracy used to sell mangoes around the city everyday before going to school. she was in her last year of college to became a business lady.

Ti!! Ti!! Ti!! , her alarm rung waking her up. she quickly picked up a toothbrush, towel and hurried to the bathroom. after talking a bath, she picked up a dress from her bag and wore it. her mother was already in the kitchen cooking breakfast . after dressing up, Tracy got another dress and put it in the polythene bag, she went down stairs and picked one of the pancakes her mother had friend and went to the store room where she used to keep her mangoes.she put them in the basket and wished her mother a nice day.

after selling the mangoes, she went to school and she was always the one late.

On the other side of the city, there lived a Mr. Jocab. he was rich, handsome and in his early twenties. many people liked and at same time feared him because he never smiled at all.

he owned a company that sold cars.

His home was located in a far away place from the city. his only neighbours were located in fifty kilometers. his house was surrounded by trees only. he usually spent his weekends alone in this place. at the left side of the house was the guests room and twenty meters from the main house was the servants house. he usually treated his servants as his family.

ln the city, he had another house that had a bedroom, office, Living room, dining room and the sex room. he was commonly known for being a play boy around the city. when he was lonely he could buy girls for himself to enjoy

one of the girls he could use was Sasha.she was a proud rich lady, she has loved Jocab since in highschool.and also her father is a business partner to Jocab..

Then Tracy was done with education and it was time to look for a job.

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To be continued... New chapter Every 2 days.

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