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Eight has been a Rakhaire for over two hundred years, fighting against the evil spirits called Reekhs. His life, his existence has only one meaning, which is to protect humanity and maintain the cloak between the human world and the spiritual world. However, both worlds intertwine when a human called June can see through the cloak, exposing herself to the scavenging Reekhs. Now Eight has to become human to protect her and restore the balance of both worlds. However, the task proves rather more formidable than expected.

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Chapter 1:

The night was young and cold. The moon was glowing at the rear. I was sitting at the edge of the tallest building you could find in the Green city, observing the humans beneath. At this height, the city seemed like a carpet of lights. The highways appeared as if thousands of fireflies were flying through. The streets were bustling with people. I preferred this particular spot out of the others. It allowed me to see everyone and everything. To me, the world and lives of these thousands of people were nothing but a movie. Each living being had its own story to tell. But never did I cling to a single one. I was an observer. I was not meant to meddle. However, I still carried duties. While the cold breeze blew and I was absorbed in these numerous lanterns, duty called.

Far from where I was. However, the distance was not a problem for me. I stood up and jumped from the top of the building. I rushed down at an immense speed. When I reached a particular height, I swung and flew straight to the destination that I was meant to reach. It took me approximately two minutes to arrive. It was a residential area. The streets were empty. Not many people around. Thick miasma was present in the air. I traced it down and found a drunk man, sluggishly walking down the street. His face was flush and his eyes were red and he reeked of miasma. Moments later, something started to appear in the air.

It was a vicious, ugly beast. It was about 10 feet tall. Massive fangs, scarlet red eyes, huge claws, a long snake-like tongue. It resembled what humans would call an ogre. But more fierce and ghastly. The beast was growling with hunger. However, the man could neither sense nor see the beast. This is what we called a Reekh. Nasty parasitic, miasma feeding, beastly souls with an insatiable hunger. All they desired was a human body to inhabit. Humans who were in agony, engulfed in grief and sorrow. Those who hated their existence and are drowning in darkness day after day, are their natural prey. Reekhs hunt for them, devour their souls and possess their bodies.

My job was to protect the humans and stop it from happening. Which makes me a Rakaire, the Reekh hunter. The Reekh growled and rushed at the man. The Reekh opened its huge claws to grab the man but before it did, I sliced its arm. The Reekh roared in agony. I appeared at the scene and created a Null zone. So that the Reekh could not harm anyone nearby. I stood face to face with the Reekh and gazed into its bloodthirsty eyes. Its arm rejuvenated in seconds and the Reekh dashed at me. Ferociously it attacked with its massive claws, cutting through the air at a monstrous speed. One mistake and I would have been sliced into bits.

However, the Reekh was not strong enough to take me down. I unsheathed my sword, waited for an opening. I sliced Reekh's left arm, spun and kicked it in the gut. The impact threw the Reekh across the street. I grabbed its head in mid-air and dragged the Reekh to the nearby park. If it had hit any nearby walls or buildings it would have raised suspicion. I slammed the Reekh into the sand and jumped away. The Reekh stood up, ready to attack again. As it surged at me like a wild animal, I whisked forward and punched the Reekh in the gut. Two more punches to the face and a roundhouse kick that tossed it away. The Reekh had started to grow weak with no miasma to feed on close by. I pierced my sword throw its massive body, destroying its core. Moments later, the Reekh turned to dust. I sheathed my sword.

After a while, the dimensional gate opened and my Grim Reaper appeared. I called him Ray.

"Hey, Ray. Been a while." I said

" It hasn't been that long Eight. Only two weeks. It's like moments ago for us." He answered.

"Yeah, I guess," I answered.

Time passed differently for us spiritual beings. Years seemed like days, decades like months.

"Oh this one is pretty nasty," Ray said as he gathered the soot-like remains of the Reekh. "He was a mafia boss, had killed many innocent people, raped fifteen women. He was killed by his right-hand man when he found out that he raped his sister."

"So straight to hell?" I asked.

"Possibly. Got to reconstruct his soul before he is judged at the court." Ray answered. "See you later Eight, keep up the good work."

"Thanks, Ray. Later then." I said.

Ray left. I dissolved the null zone and left the area to return to my spot. I am Eight. Incharge of keeping the human world free of Reekhs and maintaining the balance. There are many others like me. Hundreds of us, however, I am ranked Eighth among them. The lower your rank the stronger you are considered. I have been a Rakhaire for over two hundred years now. During this time, I killed around fifty-two thousand Reekhs. Based on my track record, I was promoted to the Eighth rank fifty years ago. And also because the previous Rakhaire was killed and I eliminated the Reekh at fault. So I got the position. I didn't know much about my birth. Or you could say I am not supposed to know. All we Rakhaires need to know is that we must kill Reekhs and nothing else. We belong to the division of balance. Our job is to maintain the curtain between the spiritual world and the human world. Reekhs and ghouls were the creatures who disrupted this balance.

Reekhs were once humans. They were the souls, who refused the court's invitation and did not move on. Over time, these souls became horrible scavengers that feed on miasma radiated by humans. My job is to trace them down and slay them. Later the Grim Reapers take their carcasses and reconstruct souls from the Reekhs to be judged at the court. Mostly Reekhs end up in hell, however, there have been cases where a few go to heaven. Or that is what Ray told me. I don't know much about the court, except that the Deity manages it. The Deity is the creator of all. He is the creator of souls and their designated vessels. He sends them down to the human world and later judges them when they die. The only thing that is predetermined is the birth and the death of the human. Later the Deity judges them based on their deeds. From their either the soul goes to heaven or hell.

Rakhaires are Deity's creation as well. We are the guardians. We have our king that we report to and who communicates to the Deity. None of the Rakhaires has ever seen or met the Deity. Except for Rakhaire zero, our king. The first Rakhaire, the one created at the beginning of life. We serve him. All we know are the rules and orders to be followed. Rakhaires can naturally sense the presence of Reekhs and ghouls. Ghouls are lesser and weaker than Reekhs. They are the ones who don't wanna possess rather just haunt the humans. Reekhs evolve from ghouls. They are the ones that deeply starve for the human body and miasma.

So this is me. I have no emotion, no will of my own except that which is given to me by the Deity. We are not meant to or even capable of defying the Deity. However, there have been incidents in the past where Rakhaires defied the Deity and were perished. Or when a Reekh manages to kill one. Otherwise we Rakhaires cannot die. Unlike humans, we don't age, need to feed or sleep to exist. We are immune to these weaknesses and necessities. We are managers, warriors born to serve and kill. Humans can neither sense nor see us. So it makes work easier. I spend my days and nights sitting at the top of the building, looking at humans and waiting for the next job. From a perspective of a human that is very mundane and dull. But if you ask me, I don't care. However, I didn't expect that a day would come where the course of my life would alter in such a bizarre way. It is when I met her.

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