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***Old Description will have an updated one in the future*** Finding of that one to be with her in this enormous castle so that way they can live their lives together but her parents are wanting her to marry someone she doesn't even know let alone not even love, as she is trying to find a way out of this nightmare she has been living in to meet this prince of hers who could be anywhere. She just has to escape this castle to find him, she just doesn't even know where to start to find him. Would this princess find her true love near or far? Or will she end up marrying a guy she doesn't even know?

Fantasy Dark Fantasy For over 18 only.

#torture #rape #openminded #transgender #gay #bisexual #lesbian #fantasyromance #fantasy #dark
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Chapter 1

****This will be rewritten(meaning the whole book) same with the description but this is an older version take it as you will.****

She is a beauty with long blonde hair, deep dark blue eyes. She always wore beautiful long dresses that show the flutter of her personality, one that she is wearing as of now has lace upon her skin at the nape of her neck along with silk down the rest of her in white and pink. She went by the name Lucille everyone else called her Lucy, she loved her name for it brought her such beauty to her soul. As Lucille daydreamed of the man, she could see her future with their becoming a gap of possibilities like getting out of this castle since she is trapped by what her parents have of her security. She hears her mother calling from the dining area as Lucille approaches her mother saying, "Yes, mother?" as her mother Diana glances over at her responding, "My dearest baby girl, I want you to meet your future husband across the table, this is Prince Michael we met him the last time he came to your parties." As Lucille took a deep breath sighing, responding to her mother,"Well...um he is handsome mother just I..uh..oh nevermind you wouldn't understand." As Diana looks at her with concern instead just brushes it off not worried one bit what Lucille was saying. Lucille went to the garden to breathe away from her mother's way of getting her to marry this deranged man.

As for this strong Beau way out in the woods just trying to survive his unconscious world out of nightmares the one that he is has trouble fighting is this crazy out of whack woman name Belinda that seems to torture him when she pleases. This fellow guys name is Mantis a sweet guy with dark brunette hair, brown eyes with a strong built of armor surrounding him but when he wants to he will dress nice in a black tux with nice cowboy boots to show off his slick side. As Mantis daydreams about the most wonderful woman he'd love to have in his life he has to deal with Belinda cause she always thinks she is right when half the time Mantis doesn't get her and what she does to him. Mantis meets one of his buddies mid-way through the forest seeing that is willing to help his name is Parker, Parker knew Mantis for a while and needed someone to help him to get rid of Belinda so as they talked of ways to get rid of her, Mantis found a idea that would throw anyone off that he could go to town near one of the castle's and play as a guardian to a princess to get Belinda to think he could outsmart her on something. Even though Parker knew it would be tricky but she would believe it on one uncertainty that he falls in love with a maiden such as a princess. Mantis heard Parker's thoughts and laughed so hard he fell to the ground thinking that would never happen.

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