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As the Horde of zombies arrive in town, The storms starts to settle when Victor and others in town are being under attack from the dead.

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Chapter 2. The Arrival, 

It's was going onto midnight 11:55 pm,

The rain had eased, coming to a sprinkle

As the storm was settling down, The wind slowly dropped as the sky roars echoing through the night.

Dark clouds broke apart from the sky and

The town lights flicker in every street as the lighting still shines bright above.

A local Hobo was inside sleeping as he lays his head on the table holding his bottle of whiskey,

Snoring and farting when Victor heard him,

Carl and Louis turned they started laughing

Victor looked at them in an amused look, then walked over to Gavin, trying to wake him up.

Slamming hand on the table then picking up the chair banging it around Gavin was fast asleep, rereleasing gas Victor, shook Gavin grabbing him making him jump up in fright. Victor told Gavin' Victor, it's time to go home, mumbling drawling Gavin looked at Victor, " Come on up you get, Victor grab a Gavin pulling him up "Come on, stand up,

That's it. Gavin stumbles and sways as he stands up; Victor has ahold of Gavin as he places his hand on him, helping to walk towards the entrance.

Carl and Louis watched Victor when Louis replied What a drunk, Carl stared back at Louis started laughing as they chuckled together.

Exciting the door, Gavin shuffles, yelling at Victor, trying to push Victor away, " Ok! Let me go - I can walk; Victor let him go watching him as Gavin stumbles along, placing his hand on a pole getting balance as he stepped down the stairs.

One step at a time, Gavin stumbles down while Victor watched in disbelief.

Shaking his head, Victor walked back inside, looking over to Carl and Louis, telling them; I'm closing up in five minutes; you better finish those drinks, Before I throw you out.

Carl and Louis freaked out, Drinking their vodka and rum. Carl skulls his glass; While Louis watched him throwing it back,

Louis smiles with a grin when Carl

looked back at him.

" Come on, scull it. Louis grabs his glass Louis throws the vodka down his throat; they both laughed when Victor says,

Are you guys done, Yes enough time to go; yeah Yeah, Carl stumbles off the stool, grabbing

Onto Louis " Come on, Louis, let's go,

As drunk as they were, Carl and Louis scrambles, tripping over their own feet and making their way towards the door.

Stepping out onto the porch, Carl says, "Stop,

What is it? I think the rain has a stop,

Staring out looking up to the sky, Louis tells Carl," I think it's only spitting; yeah, that's good. Come on, let's get to the car,

The zombies arrived in town, scrambling along the road,

Walking down the stairs approaching the car, Carl heard noises coming behind him

Turning to see what it was, the lighting flashes when Carl saw what he thought were people walking up the street.

" What are they doing, Carl asked. Louis turned " They look drunk too. Look at that guy. He can't walk probably,

They both laughed when they opened the door, and one zombie got closer; Louis turned to look back as one grabbed him biting down on his shoulder, yelling as the zombie rips into him; Carl runs around the car, trying to pull the zombie off. Victor heard the commotion outside.

Staring out the window, noticing someone was getting attacked, watching the blood splatter all over the area, victor replied, bloody hell, Moving away from the windows, stepping backwards. Victor rushed behind the counter, grabbing his shotgun, Standing there clocking it' noticing the other zombies appeared.

Their shadows moved across the wall, walking along the porch,

The zombies were banging on the wall of the tavern. Carl fought them off as he moved away, but the zombies were eating Louis.

Noticing What they were, Carl ran off along the street when the zombies snarled and moaned, stumbling along.

The sound of the horde was getting louder as they arrived in town.

To Be Continued


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To be continued... New chapter Every 2 days.

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