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The affects of what cheating can cause and aftermath of deceit.... Who's to blame???

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Dead unfaithful

——Timmy walked through his front door after a long day at work to find his wife Jodie standing in the hallway covered in blood. God Jodie what the fuck have you done Timmy screamed pushing passed Jodie he saw his lover Billie laid on the kitchen floor his legs gave way as he fell to his knees she's dead her throat had been slit. How could you Jodie he sobbed. I had no choice. She screamed at her husband, shaking uncontrollably. She was going to take you away from me. Timmy couldn't hear anything, he just sat there in shock. When Timmy finally snapped out of it picking up a knife that lay beside Billie. He stood and looked at his wife shaking with a psychotic rage he had never felt before. YOU BITCH….. Jodie's stomach turned sickly when she saw the look of sheer madness in Timmys eyes. Before Jodie could react she felt a sharp pain in her heart she had been stabbed. The last thing Jodie saw was her husband standing over her as she lost her last breath. Seeing Jodie die so quickly infuriated his anger even more as he stared down at the puddles of blood he stood in the woman he loved and the wife he once loved laye there dead Timmy fell under moved he went to the front garden for some air he couldn't think straight. Like started pounding as he saw the front door open he jumped into the bushes shit he said out loud startling himself what if i was seen he thought he held his breath as he heard the sound of Twigs crackling on the unkept lawn he held his breath as the footsteps came closer.

Part 2 Footsteps

Barry was asleep when his wife Angela woke up to the horrifying screams coming from next door.She slid out of bed slowly so she wouldn't wake her husband up. Angela peaked her head into her son's room thankfully he was still asleep. She crept down the stairs to the front door anticipating whether or not to go outside her front door. She peeked through her living room curtains and saw Jodie and Timmy's kitchen light was on. Angela went outside and walked slowly down her driveway; nothing seemed out of the ordinary. It must have been a dream or maybe she was going mad. She thought laughing to herself. She turned to walk back to her house when she heard what she thought sounded like mumbling coming from the bushes near the garage. Curiosity envied her mind as she walked down the garden. Then in a sudden burst of movement someone shot out from behind the bushes… It was so dark Angela could only see eyes coming towards her, a sickening look of dark intensity.Terror and panic consume her As she turned to run to her front door. Just feets from her door she felt a shove pushing her over. Angela fell to the floor hitting her head on the bottom step. She tried to scream but no noise would come out before she could get back on her feet. She felt something wrapping around her throat desperately attempting to slide her fingers underneath but she couldn't get any leverage her vision was going blurry as she felt the tightening and twisting around her throat while Timmy dragged her across her lawn up Jodies drive fear gripped hold of her was this really happening she was close to passing out all Angela could see was a kitchen that looked just like hers. Now aware of the horrifying situation she was in. She saw Jodie and a woman she didn't recognize just laying there her hole body ran cold blooded there fucking dead. Angela made one last desperate attempt to free herself but it was already far too late… Timmy stood staring down at the three women dead on the kitchen floor feeling under-moved by the death around him. His mind was totally focused as he put on his gloves and pulled his phone from his back pocket. He began to write a message to Jodie to tell her he would be home late as his tire had gone flat. Without any thought Timmy staged a scean make it look like Billie stabbed Jodie the nosey bitch Angela must have heard the commotion and come round to investigate Billie dragged Angela into the kitchen strangling her with a rope before Angela lost all control with the strength of her last breath Angala grabbed the knife from the side of Jodie and slit Billies throat. Perfectly done Timmy thought feeling a psychotic satisfaction.

The anonymous call

Timmy drove a mile away from his home and went to the nearest phone box. He rang the police and made an anonymous call saying that he had heard screaming. He gave the address and hung up before anyone could respond. Timmy got his Stanley knife out of his glove compartment and stabbed his back tire and replaced it with his spare. He sat for a moment to think of any mistakes he could have made before slowly driving home.

Jason's nightmare becomes a reality

Jason woke to what sounded like screaming coming from next door and the front door banging shut tired and sleepy he thought he must have been dreaming as he dozed back to sleep. Sometime later Jason woke up and reluctantly got out of bed. “Fucking hell” Jason said aloud his head was banging herself seriously hungover from his 16th birthday party last night . He looked out of his bedroom window rubbing his head moaning.Timmy and Jodie's downstairs lights were he couldn't see Timmy's car in the driveway. Thats strange Jason thought as he tiptoed down the landing to his parent room. His dad was fast asleep but his mum wasn't there he remembered hearing screaming coming from next door there front door being shut earlier but he thought he was dreaming. Sudden panic creeped up on him seeing the front porch light he went outside but his mum was nowhere. Noticing next door still had their lights on Timmy's car was still not in the drive. He couldn't shake the bad feeling that something bad had happened quietly walking up timmy and Jodies drive. Jason stood at the front door listening for anyone talking but it was dead silent he knocked but no one answered the door. Concerned he tried the door handle just to see if it was locked shocked that it wasn't as he opened the door a little and shouted Jodie and mum still dead silence he was scared it was all so out of the normal he walked down the hallway towards the kitchen and shouted Mum no-one replied just dead silence. When Jason opened the kitchen door he fell to his knees feeling his hart braking he wanted to get out and unsee what was right in front of him everything started moving in slow motion the sound of blood curdling screaming that brought him back to reality it only took a few seconds to realise it was him screaming feeling his stomach turning he couldn't keep it down he ran to the door projectile vomiting all over Jason reached the front door seeing the sirens of police cars before he passed out.

Detective harvey jay

Harvey woke to the sound of his phone ringing for fuck sake he thought knowing it would be his boss Timmy answered the phone unwillingly. “Late again Harvey”His boss bellowed down the phone loud enough to give him a splitting headache. Annoyed harvey had to bite his tongue I'm sorry boss its been a rough night my fiance left me.After a long pause his boss replied harshly “Do i come across as a boss who gives a fuck about your personal life” Get the fuck down to the station now there's been a triple homicide down at Willows drive. Before Harvy could reply the phone went dead.

Harvey put his head in his hands. What an inconsiderate cunt his boss was he thought feeling like he was going to lose his mind. His head was heavy as he headed for the shower. He stood naked in front of his full length mirror admiring his physique he had impeccable abs wich he worked so hard to achieve he wasn't vain but he knew he was a good looking man with his green eyes and dark olive skin strong jawline and a smile that could make any woman week at the knees feeling more confident as he stepped in to the shower.

The knock at the door

Barry woke to a loud banging on the front door. His wife wasn't in bed feeling pissed off as he rolled out of bed trying to tie his dressing gown half running to get to the door. He lost his balance on the second step falling to the button of the stairs. Harvey heard the loud thud from inside. Harvey opened the door to find Angela's husband Barry at the bottom of the stairs. He checked Barry's pulse, not surprised that he was dead. His head was twisted in such a way that for some fucked up reason it reminded him of the movie the exorcist.

Jason wakes up

Jason was laid in the back of the police car when he woke up. He saw a man leaving his front door walking towards him with a serious look on his face. Harvey felt so sorry for this young man as he reached the car and introduced himself to Jason.

“How are you holding up Jason”I don't understand why is my mum dead!? Who would do this to her she wouldn't hurt anyone jason started to cry uncontrollably hitting his head off Harvey back seat. I need to go in the house and see my dad he has to find out from me. Harvey felt a chill go down his spine fuck he thought I have to just tell him. He took a deep breath and spoke with a sympathetic tone as he sat at the side of Jason I don't no how to tell you this Jason but your dad has been in a terrabul accident he fell down the stairs rushing to answer the door it was me who was knocking to tell him about your mum. Jason looked a Harvey with desperation in his eyes as he spoke his voice berly a whisper is he ok can I see him please Jason cried his face turned as white as a ghost. As he saw a body being carried covered fully with a sheet No he can't be dead how can this be happening? Harvey grabbed Jason and held him t I am so sorry Jason


Timmy pulled up the driveway and saw the police cars and forensics were everywhere as he turned to get out of the car he caught Jason's eyes from the back seat window of the police car just at the side of him shit he thought the look on Jason's face he knew he must have looked guilty. Sweat started dripping down his face as a big built man stepped out of the car and started to walk towards him. God I have fucked it Timmy started panicking he must have murder written all over his face duck duck keep cool God he stepped out of the car face to face with a tall dark man he was built like a brick shit house. I am Detective Harvey are you Jodies husband? Timmy stuttered wondering if he should lie and get the Fuck out of there


Timmy stood looking at the detective in dead silence long enough Harvey had to repeat the question. Timmy are you jodies husband? He asked in a fermer tone this time. Timmy hesitate again and stuttered in a low voice yes I am what is this about? what's going on? Were is my wife?. Harvey was good at reading people and sensed something was off about the way Timmy was sweating and shaking he seemed extremely nurvous for a man who has no idea what has happened.Jason couldn't sit still enraged with anger and hate he noticed that Harvey had left his gun on the front seat. Without any thought Jason grabbed the gun and got out of the car he paced towards Timmy pointing the gunyou fucking did this you murder

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To be continued...

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