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Twinless Twin Talk

The day life turned upside down I remember my mum dad and brother walking in my house the look in there eyes made my Hart beat so fast.

My bueatiful mum spoke her voice trembling as she said the words sorry kirsty She’s gone Tears rolling down her cheeks.

I saw her Hart braking into a million pieces but I couldn’t move to help her I was unable to speak for sometimes after those words

I just felt numb. I couldn't believe what they were telling me. Not only that, but I was unable to take it in, I never, ever thought this could happen. All I wanted was Leonie to walk in and say ha got you Kirsty But she didn't. As the realization kicked in that this was real, and she was dead. My identical twin sister Leonie died at just 25 years old Now she is far from me, and it doesn't feel right. In myself, I always feel empty, like something is missing from my thoughts and my personality. My life alone, living without my twin sister sometimes feels wrong, I wish I could explain how I feel when I think of Leonie. It’s so hard at times I can't get her off my mind thinking of our life’s together we have so many memories pictures slide show slowly through my mind from my first-ever memory of us to our last,

I miss her so much… Since she died, I suffer with mental illnesses… I have depression and anxiety. I feel so lonely without her and misunderstood. It's a fact that I will never have a deep connection like ours with anyone again understand one another in a way no-one could compare. Without saying a word, Angels came and effortlessly took her to the top of the beautiful golden steps of heaven, and my life changed forever. She comes to see me in my dreams, sometimes it feels so real when I wake up she's gone. I know not everyone believes in after life I never used to Leonie is around I know she is I know We don’t die we just vacate our body! I know we will be together again someday.

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To be continued...

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