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The rise of zombies have risen attacking a small country town, A group of locals band together to take on the Horde and save the human race.

Horror Zombie horror All public. © ( c ) Jason dunn 2021

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In progress - New chapter Every 2 days
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The Rising.

In a small country town called Terrors Creek, population three hundred;

their lives a community that lives peacefully away from the city.

It was always quiet nothing really happen in this small community town,

But on the night of Christmas Eve everything changed. Something terrifying happen,

It was on this night that a furious storm struck over our community; the storm covered the sky with dark clouds; Lighting strikes beightly in the night sky Thunder roars across the sky, echoing over the peaceful town.

The temperature drops getting colder as mist starts to roll in; spreading all over the town through the streets, covering the silent town.

Further out in the country, Hidden on the edge of the bushland Lays cemetery, a place called Rockstone; The rain pours down heavily as the storm worsens.

The wind whistles when the mist spreads through the graveyard along the ground covering the graves.

The rain softens the soil headstone slumps over' a hand appears. Fingers move as they find the ground; another hand appears to grip the soil, pulling itself out, a zombie appears. The zombie rises out from the grave, groaning and moaning as it looks around; one by one, They rise from their graves.

In the mist, the zombies merge, snarling and growling, presiding through.

Making their way through the graveyard

They were disappearing into the thick mist, vanishing away into the night.

Driving along the country road, Barney

He leaves the country town, Heading home in his rusty truck with the squeaking sound of his rattling Bucket.

Headlights shine into the mist, with a dim light to pass him by Barney struggles to see the road;

The lines on the road go flying by.

The wipers on the truck swing side to side,

And the Lighting strikes through the sky;

The rain came plummeting down,

The sounds of thunder roar out loud.

And the echo rips through the clouds,

Barney wipes the windscreen with his hand

Staring out with a glance.

Through the country long and wide, the distance between now and home, Barney drives all over the road, swaying and swerving along the way.

While the darkness covers the entire area

Only the beam of light shows the way; every few seconds, the lightning flashes;

Barney gets to see the road to follow, then

all of a sudden, the lightning flashes. Barney notices someone on the road swings the steering wheel to the side, gliding the truck all around, losing control, skidding into the side; Slamming his foot on the break Suddenly stopping on the Ridge of the road.

Quickly looking back in the review mirror, noticing the darkness in the back,

The lighting flashed Barney spotted a figure in the shadows as he looked into the rearview mirror Turning around to see who it was, Barney couldn't tell as the light of the flash isn't long enough to notice,

Deciding to get out, The rain was coming down hard. Barney wiped his face as he was getting drench by the rain.

Grabbing the truck's trailer, Barney made his way towards the back as the lightning flashed again; getting freaked out by the lighting, Barney stopped staring up to the sky as the figure headed towards him.

Placing his hand over his eyes to see clear

The flash of light shines over when Barney

Notice the person was walking strangely.

Calling " Hello, are you ok? I nearly hit you,

Barney yelled out. The figure got closer, and as the lightning flashed again, the figure was only a few meters away. The thunder roars as the light showed the figure Barneys

Eyes lit up when noticing the figure was a zombie. Before he could scream, Barney turns to run but was stopped by another zombie grabbing him biting him in the neck

As other zombies pulled him down behind the truck as he screamed.

The sound of zombies snarling biting into him, tearing him apart.

Back in town;

The time was around 9:15 pm when

Two local friends Carl and Louis were arriving in their car as they drove towards the tavern; pulling up in the car, Carl said to Louis, " Ok - It's pouring rain, so we have to run to the door; ok Let's go, No wait we go on three, Ok, Ready 1 2 3 Go, Getting out of the car slamming their doors behind them Carl Louis ran as fast as they could heading into the pub.

Getting undercover, Carl and Louis stood starring out into the rain " Woo; we made it,

Louis replied. Carl smiled then walked inside with Louis following behind him.

The storm bombardment the town with wind gusts as it shook the roof,

Walking up to the bar Carl ordered drinks for Louis and for himself,

Sitting there drinking making conversation as they laughed and enjoy their night Out,

Sitting their talking Louis looked over to the tv noticing football was playing on the tv;

Louis tapped Carl on the arm " Carl look footy, Louis got up and moved down at the end of the bar getting closer to the tv,

Carl join him as they sat their watching footy cheering yelling as the hours went by.

Outside Moaning and snarling scrambling along; the dead were heading towards town.

Making there way through the open field and along the country road the storm had no effect on the dead,

The horde of zombies notice a glow from the distance lights coming from town attracted to them as they moved towards the bright lights.

To Be Continued.

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To be continued... New chapter Every 2 days.

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