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Hi my name is Kaye I'm 18 years old. I'm just a simple girl, with simple dreams. And there's one thing that I want to buy a limited edition perfume. We don't have a nice family background. But simple yet yet the best. I'm currently in college, when I go to school I always wore my transparent sunglasses, when it's free time I'm listening music using earphones. I have a crush but we're really different, there family is rich. We're not even classmates because he's in top section. But he is still no girlfriend.

Then one day while walking at the lobby I bumped into him he got angry and the students laugh at my looks. But it's okay I pretend okay but at home I cried. I'm absent for a week because I'm ashamed. Then I decided to make a new version of myself I count my savings to buy the perfume then I go to the shop were clothes, dresses are also available there. Then going inside I saw an old woman finding dress to buy and she can't hold it because her hands is dirty. So I help here then she thanked me and give me a gift when I opened the box what's inside of it is a perfume it looks new and I'm happy and she said,

"You don't need to buy a perfume I already give you". so I'm confused and ask her

"How did you know I'm going to buy a perfume?", then she smiled and go.

So I go home already so I save my money. Then I sleep early for the school tomorrow. Then in the morning after wearing school uniform I put some lipstick, powder and try the perfume. After I spray the perfume I feel a bit sleepy so I take a nap for 5 minutes then after that I look myself in the mirror then what I see is my hair is already tied and I'm so pretty? Even my uniform become nice including my shoes and everything.

I think maybe it's because of the perfume but still I confidently go to school. In the walk way boys are staring at me but I'm still with the shy attitude I'm not being so pretty in myself especially it's not really my beauty. I don't know if I still used the perfume but it helps me. When I'm in the room I decided to pretend as a transferee student with a name Lea and that my real name was Kaye transferred to another school in short it's exchange as if.

Someone approaching me in the room it was my previous crush name Jaz. As I said he's single but I don't want to take advantage in this time that I'm pretty just to be his girlfriend. I want him to love the Kaye and not Lea.

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