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The beginning

It all started as any uther day I whas getting ready for work at the rosclar reabiltashen nersing home. Hay baby did u set my out fit out last night yes deer it hang up on the door.thank u deer I kiss her on her butefule lips . Have u seen my shoos baby?Yes thay are by the door. thank u baby .What wood I ever do with out you jasmine Byers . loos your head. We both laugh. I kiss her once more. Have a good day at work baby!you have a good day to I'll see u at 10:00 am. I whalking a cross town to work lising to eminem and some tim mcgraw. As I walk down the hill in to going in to town naber dag barks at me to tell me good morning I say good morning gril and keep walking. it so pescfule at 4:30 in the morning. I reach work bout 5:15 and sit down and smoke a sigret till 5:50 thin I go clock in telling all the resdens that up and the staff good morning. I see my friend my friend Jess comes in bout 6:00 and get stared on lacking briefest I start macking coffe and rolling silverware . Jess looked at me did u see what whar on the news last night. I sead no u know I don't whach the news she sead that thay have robes now but thay are malfunctioning and killed couple humens. sead u got u find ready in case thing go south she sead yes . good I got mine to. we go back to work. as I'm pooring the drinks I asked dues every one seem strange to day. ya maby litel.

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