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The life

Hey theres a fight in the court yard how much u throwing in! put me down for 2 cartons and a case of Ramen awww home for the rest of my life. I bet u wondering how i ended up here ant u well it was 30 years from to day me and a budy of mine was back in my home town which was just a small town called harrisburg selling hash smoking the dragon doing a few lines of the buger sugar having a hell of a time. We was making bank till this Punta ripped us off. I lost sleep over this Punta for days so one day I found where that Punta lives snuck in and stab him 57 times. he foght back for 27 times but I was so high off the dragonI could not feel a thing and all I seen was red. I whatched the life leave from the Punta eyes. Thin I called my budy up and I explained to him what I did. when he got theirhe stared being hestarikle. so I pulled out my berrat and told him if u don't come the fuck down I'm going to put a fucking cap in your ass! Hey bert u are next! Bring it on you pussy I'll fild strip u like a deer . we will finesh this some other time .

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JR Jessica Reed
Good job can't wait for more
August 23, 2021, 22:32

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