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They have been bestfriends for a lifetime and nothing had ever happened before that could put their friendship in danger.. until Rosie announced she was getting married. In such a rush, everything changed and their bond became messy and foggy without either of them being able to explain why. Was there anything else that they hadn't noticed until now? Was.. ? No, Brooke could not possibly be in love with her. Or was she? ***************************************************************** They both knew it was wrong. They absolutely felt the guilt and pain of hurting someone they cared about, but how could they help it? Wasn't this everything they always wanted, since they met each other? The path was not easy, and definitely was not straight either, but deep down they always knew this was the exact point where they would end up. The timing was never right, and the fear was always there, cripping the hell out of them everytime the sole thought of this happening appeared into their minds. But that hug, those hands holding, that kiss, that goddamn kiss, how could they ever ask for more than that?

Romance Contemporary For over 18 only.

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Long time ago

Notebook, checked. Glasses, checked. Blue and colourful pens, checked. Or did she forget her pouch in her dorm? Shit, she could not possibly go back now and still be punctual in her first class of college. Whatever, in case she hadn't taken her pouch with her she would just try to learn all of it by heart. Who was she kidding? She could get a pen from some new student there, obviously. Making friends was never a problem for Rosie, even when she didn't even look for that. Besides, borrowing a pen didn't necessarily include becoming friends with someone, she just had to ask for it, that's it. Okay maybe she could just open her bag for a second and check... yeah, there was her big pink pouch. She was just overthinking, as usual.

Her first assignment was Logics, and she was kind of excited for that because she always likes maths and all those sorts of stuff, but at the same time she was doubting if she would be good at that. Self-confidence was like a rollercoaster in Rosie's life, sometimes it was super high and she was all over the place about her self esteem, and others was just in the floor level - or the basement even - and she was certain that she was the worst at everything. By now, she was used to that so she just went with the flow and tried to keep a "normal" life in spite of that.

It was already 8:50 and she had a long walk to the classroom so she started walking faster, and even running when nobody was looking so she could make it. And she did, it was 8:58 when she arrived at Classroom F54 to see that there were still a lot of empty seats for her to choose from. She examined all the possibilities, all the pros and cons and decided to keep with a middle classroom seat, just as she did when going to the cinema. That way, she could hear and see everything perfectly, but was not that exposed for the professor to ask her things, or so she thought. Slowly, the room started to fill with people, who arrived either very relaxed - Rosie assumed those were not students from first year - or very nervous and running, just as she did a couple minutes ago. Then, the professor got into the classroom and started writing her name on the board, so Rosie was already picking her stuff up for taking notes when a voice disrupted her thoughts.

- "May I?" the voice said.

Not sure what the girl standing next to her was referring to, Rosie asked - "Sorry, what?"

- "I meant if I could sit next to you, I am not quite sure if this seat is taken or something".

-"Oh right, sorry! Sure, you can sit here, let me just move my bag away" Rosie replied a little nervously as she noticed that the class was about to start and the poor girl was still standing there. She moved her stuff as quickly as she could and let the girl sit next to her. "I am Rosie, nice to meet you" she whispered, thinking that if sometimes she does forget her pouch maybe that girl could lend her a pen.

-"Hi Rosie, I'm Brooke" the girl answered "Nice shirt, by the way" she said while a little smirk started to appear in the corner of her mouth.

Rosie looked down and remembered she had her Fearless shirt, which was not that obviously a Taylor Swift merch T-Shirt, but that another swiftie would definitely recognize. She laughed softly, blushing a little bit. "Yeah, thanks, it’s one of my favourite CDs actually, also the shirt is .." and she took her fingers to her mouth and pretended to kiss them and take them away, as saying "exquisite".

- "I am not that into country music, you know. But that record… Sweet Lord!" Brooked added. At that moment, Rosie knew that she would be more than the girl that would lend her a pen, but she couldn't even imagine how much this red haired girl with wide light blue eyes would mean in the future. She really couldn't possibly imagine.

- "Welcome everyone to Logic 1, I am seeing quite a couple familiar faces down here. Hello Mr Swanson, hope you can make it to the end of the term this year" The professor said to officially start the class while she was looking at a boy sitted in the back of the classroom, as he made an "okey" sign to her with his hand. "I am not going to make all of you introduce yourselves because that would take us forever, but I still want to know what type of students I have here, so I will just choose some of you to tell us some things about you, is that okay?".

Some of the students nodded, and others started clearly sweating. Rosie was still calm but tried to hide herself by laying lower on her seat and using the big curls from the girl sitting in front of her. She seemed to hear Brooke trying to hide a laugh there.

- "Over there, the girl in the middle, with the big pink pouch. Hope you are not falling asleep honey, you should sit straightener you know, it's best for your back".

Rosie blushed instantly and took a look at her pouch. Why on Earth did she choose something that striking? Why did she always do that? She felt all the classroom staring at her, and she could swear she even heard people mocking her already. She looked to her right and saw Brooke smiling at her. She then made a movement with her head pointing at the professor like saying 'come on you fool, just talk!'.

Rosie sat properly on her seat, threw her black hair back, smiled and said "Hello, Mrs Atwell. My name is Rose Davis, I am 18 years old and I am a first year student for Public Communication."

"Great, I love communication students, they always answer things in our classes. Their biggest problem tho is that they never seem to know when to shut up. Hope you can, Miss Davis, welcome." Mrs Atwell replied and started looking for another victim to talk in front of over 50 students.

Brooked laughed again and hit her arm with her elbow. "Well done Miss Davis, you even stopped shaking in the middle of the sentence and everything".

- "Oh you... shut up!" Rosie answered, quite disturbed by the confidence Brooke was taking with her and annoyed by her relaxed mood. However, after saying that they both laughed and spent the whole class making jokes and talking about Taylor Swift.

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